The Walls of Saint Vincent

A Wraith: The Oblivion Chronicle in Petropolis, Brazil.

The Players:

Jose was a priest in life. He was forced by a drug dealer to push some dope to the kids in the church. He regretted that, but was forced to do it. One day, he found his four church-boys dead from a heroin overdose inside the church's backstage. In shock, he headed to his house and put a bullet in his brain. One of his greater passions is to help a former church boy of his, Fernando, to complete the construction of a Home for Homeless Kids, and protect him from harm.


Elric was one of the church boys who died that day. Forced by his parents to follow a religious lifestyle like his brother Fernando, he has always been a bad seed. From trouble to trouble, he ended up in Father Jose's church, and one day he found too much "brown sugar" in the chapel, and decided to introduce his pals to the hot spoon... They overdid it, though, and now he has eternity to learn to measure it up. His main passions are to protect his little sister from his parents, screw up his brother's life and his project of building some stupid Home for Homeless Kids.


Paulo played his whole life by the book. At the age of 46, he could say he had made it pretty well as Psychiatrist, and he could finally fulfill his dream to open a big-time clinic. Along with his brother Nicholas, he opened the St. Vincent Hospital for the Mentally Ill. What had begun as a model hospital soon became a rotten golden mine in the hands of his greedy brother. The patients were treated like garbage, and kept alive as long as possible so their wealthy families kept on paying astronomic bills for the "best treatment available."

One day disaster struck, as the Priest in charge of the Chapel, Father Jose, was found dead in his house and four of his church-boys were dead from an overdose inside the chapel's backstage room. That was just too much, and Paulo drove like a madman to his brother's mansion, just to find him drinking and playing pool, as if nothing has happened. Pulling him by the arm, he started to tell him that his days running the clinic where over, and an investigation would be conducted. Calmly, the vicious doctor told him that HIS days delaying his plans where over. The next thing he heard was a boom behind his back, and saw red. Now he must stop his brother, while saving the name and standard of the hospital. He feels an urge to protect their wife and kids from Nicholas, too.


Jeremiah went in and out of Psychiatric Hospitals since he was a teen. Drug issues, suicide attempts and overdoses... On his 27th birthday, he decided to celebrate with an extra dose of Morphine, and hit rock bottom. As a catatonic vegetable he was interned and forgotten by his family in the best Mental Hospital in Petropolis: St. Vincent.

He was not as dead as they thought, but living in a complex dream fantasy, which he took as the real world. On a rainy Wednesday, he heard that the local priest had killed himself. The nurses were very nervous, and one of them gave him a drug to which Jeremiah was allergic. That was just another casualty, but the clinic will miss his family's money.

Jeremiah believes he is the Sandman himself, and the Phantasm Arcanos was made for him (you won't believe this, but the player made this guy up before even saw the comic book). His Passions are to control the dreams of mankind, which he feels is his duty, and prevent St .Vincent from ever being re-opened, to punish the doctors responsible for his death.



 The Story

The game takes place in Petropolis, our hometown, which is about 70 miles from Rio de Janeiro.

Several lives are connected by the walls of St. Vincent Hospital for the Mentally Ill.

In a fateful Wednesday, the builder of the place, its Priest, one of the church's boys and a patient met their maker.

Well, not quite. As Wraiths, they must band together and conclude the Hospital's destiny, whichever it may be.

But maybe the place isn't just another building. What other entities are interested in St. Vincent's fate?

As the time goes by, some main players might find themselves mere tools in the hands of bigger powers.



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