J. Edward Tremlett

"Hey there, good fellow... Neptune is rising, the Moon sets.

"Ah yes, I thought that was you. Do you have what you contacted us about...? Yes? Excellent.

"No, I don't want to know what it's for, or why. That's not my business - it's yours. Rest assured we shall take good care of it.

"That will be five Oboli for this month, plus another five for any more months, and when you wish it back we can return it immediately..."


 The Keepers envision themselves as a 'banking' consortium for ordinary Wraiths and anti-Hierarchy groups. For a mere five Oboli they will take your secrets, your items and anything else you wish safeguarded, and they will "deep six" them, somewhere, until you need it back. Their record is perfect and their ethics are unquestionable.

Or are they...?

General Information

Sunken Secrets