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What is there to say about myself? How I perceive myself is substantially different than how others perceive me, which is probably even more different than how I see myself in the mirror and how others see me.

I do databases and frequently seem like a computer nerd. I write stories. I fold paper. I've a wicked sense of humor. I used to administrate an online game. I pretend to play flute, but whether or not you are deceived depends on your musical talent.

Some days you'll find me with a plant identification book standing over some obscure weed. I've an insatiable drive to learn new things. My friends take excellent care of me. I listen to my parents' wisdom (thank you!). Most importantly, I tend to be romantic and dreamy because I'm married to my soul mate and find I love him more every day, which is impossible because I loved him more than infinity yesterday.

New this year: I graduated from University of Maryland University College with a degree in Computer and Information Science. Check out my College Portfolio, which has grades (see all the pretty A's!), essays, and projects from this wild adventure.

Resume - The database summary version in MS Word.
Resume - The long version in MS Word.

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