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Status: Graduated!!!!! Now I have a bachelor of science in Computer and Information Science from University of Maryland University College. Here are some highlights and resources.

Note on copying my work for your class: If you can find your way here, so can your instructor. If you copy my work and submit it as your own, I hope they fry you. Meanwhile, enjoy the resources.

Quite a few of the external links within this section are no longer valid. I left them in for posterity.

Adventure Highlights
Semester Course Course Title Stray Bits of My Course Work
Fall 2003 EXCL 301 Learning Analysis and Planning MS Access EXCL Planning Utility
Prior Learning Portfolio
Prior Learning Portfolio Evaluation
Spring 2004 CMIS 310 Computer Systems and Architecture Interleaving Graphic
MS Excel Spreadsheet: Very Simple CPU Simulator, gates, etc. (has VB scripts)
Conf: Karnaugh Map
Conf: GPS
Conf: Add Unsigned Binary
Conf: Multiply Binary
Conf: Conversion to IEEE Standard 754
CMIS 325 UNIX with C Programming PERL Memorization Script
♦Conf: Regular Expressions
♦Conf: Shells
Conf: Quotes
Conf: Find
Conf: Pipe
General Loop Logic
LIBS 150 Information Literacy and Research Methods Web Resources
Conf: Search Engines
Conf: Pay to Use Public Libraries
Summer 2004 COMM 380 Language in Social Contexts Web Resources
IPA for Web
♦Read IPA
♦IPA Writer
Mod1-2 Vocabulary Logic Puzzle
Project Paper
Fall 2004 CMIS 370 Data Communications Encoding for 'Y'
Conf: Asynchronous Transmission
Conf: You are a Data Link
Conf: Civic Responsibilities
Paper 1: Divestiture
Paper 2: U.S.A./Australia
MATH 107 College Algebra HTML for Math - Simple
HTML for Math - Tables
Editable Blank Graph
♦Exponents for Artists
Squishy Functions
♦Scary Halloween Math
Linear Regression Equation Generator (XLS)
Math Autobiography
Factor the Polynomial
Find the Vertex
Parallel/Perpendicular Lines
Spring 2005 CMIS 315 Programming and Application in C++ Simple Bank of Cornfield Hamlet
Final Exam Review Code
ENMT 301 Environment and Ecosystems Management Conf: Population Growth
Conf: Sustainability
Conf: Nitrogen Cycle
Conf: Troposphere
Conf: Plant Roots
Paper: Sea Turtles
♦Sea Turtle Graphics
The Transcript

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