Tap Forms JavaScript Scripting 101
by T. L. Ford

Section 0: Overview

Are you a programmer? If so, read the API in the documentation and look at examples. This tutorial is too basic for you.

Everyone else, welcome! This page and its videos are an introduction to Tap Forms scripts and how to read them (interpret), write them (design), and use them (implement).

Prerequisites: Ability to create forms, add fields of different types, and enter data using Tap Forms.

When you are done, you will know how code works, how to use the Tap Forms script interface, and how to apply the Tap Forms documentation. You'll be able to write simple scripts and know how to continue going forward.

Images and videos are from the Mac desktop: Tap Forms 5, Version 5.3.11 (Build 962).

These sections are designed to be read in order - concepts build upon each other and some sections are longer than others.

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