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Cattail.Nu MIDI Crypt

Resurrect your MIDI files. Finding and using MIDI files has been challenging. Some MIDI players work great for individual files, but don't really support audio producers who want to sort, tag, and quickly find MIDI to use in their DAW.

For example, to hear MIDI in FL Studio, the MIDI must be added to the project and an instrument selected. MIDI Crypt is the solution.

MIDI player and database...

MIDI Crypt is a simple browser and player for MIDI files on your Mac or Windows computer. Import links to your files and play, tag, and show them in the OS. Drag and drop from Finder/Windows Explorer into your DAW.


Cost & Download

Right now, I'm offering MIDI Crypt free as a way to promote my books (sci fi, fantasy, thriller, art) because they're really awesome books and deserve to be read.

If you use MIDI Crypt, you agree to do the following:

  1. Buy one or more of my books (if you can afford it) and write reviews.
  2. Share a link to my books on your social media. https://www.Cattail.Nu #CattailNu
  3. Share a link to MIDI Crypt on your social media. #MIDICrypt

Seriously, I really need your help as an author getting the word out. Trying to be an independently-published author is challenging.

macOS M1/M2 - Arm 64 (ZIP) Currently tested on Monterey.

macOS Intel: (ZIP) Currently tested on Big Sur.

Windows Install (EXE) - currently tested on Windows 11. Should work on anything Windows 10+, 64 bit

Change Log:

To migrate existing data, open old version, do File|Backup database. Then install new version. Then File|Restore database.

2023-01-16: v1.0.1 Bug (multi-page display issue on stop-button) in v1.0.0 is fixed. This (v1.0.1) is latest.


Please let me know if something doesn't work right.

Email: T@Cattail.Nu
Discord: Slate#4353