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Ancient Anguish Maps and Art For Sale

These are online game maps for with the Realm as it was on May 26, 2007 (new areas are added all the time).


Designed to be written on with your area names and notes, this map will get you around the realm with complete accuracy.

The Color Map

A Lady Mermaid from Tingi Village (North and east of the main town of Tantallon) forms the compass on this full color map of the Realm for modern explorers.

The Sepia Map

The same Lady Mermaid from Tingi Village decorates this sepia-toned map of the Realm as it would have been drawn by a local Neville artist on available parchment.

Random Ancient Anguish Art

Bearings 3
Bearings 6
Color Map / Topless Mermaid
Death 3
Death 5
Meditation 3
Meditation 4
Meditation 5
Sati 1

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