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Ancient Anguish is a multi-user dungeon (mud), a text based internet game. I suspect a number of you pulled my website address from my character information after having heard about my famous quest help page.

Ramblings about Ancient Anguish. - What does the Arch of Education really do? How can playing a game teach you to program better?

Quest Help by an Ancient Anguish Arch. - Step by step instructions to the most complicated quests. If you are thinking about becoming a wizard, you should definitely check this out.

Information on Jerusalem's Code Generator. - A wizard tool to make programming easier. It can be downloaded from Ancient Anguish's wizard site.

Ancient Anguish's Home Page. - Would you like to see what I'm talking about? This link leaves my site and goes to Ancient Anguish's home where you can find instructions for logging in and a detailed description of the history and plot of the game.

A Picture of a Puffin. - Wolfster sent me this picture when it reminded him of my newbie area, Puffin Beach. Directions to Puffin Beach can be found in "help newbie2". Thank you, Wolfster!!!!!

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