Did they stick you in here
'cause you weren't working right?

- Matthew Good Band, "A Boy and His Machine Gun"



Sunrock was situated near the geographic centre of Arizona. Its remains can still be found in the Shadowlands.



The year was 1921. America was enjoying a period of economic boom. But the same could not be said of all of its citizens. In addition to those still in shock from the horrors of the First World War, an inexplicable fall in the mental health of American citizens occurred. The stories provided by these people were as numerous as they themselves. Some claimed that they were the Messiah, others said that the government was plotting to overthrow the world, and still more claimed to see vampires and werewolves stalking the night.

The American government could not allow such lunatics to walk the streets. They commissioned the creation of Sunrock Asylum, a large, high-security institution to house those whose delusions were dangers to themselves and society.

The Asylum was completed in mid 1922. All went well, and the government was convinced that the situation had been dealt with. But that December, troubles started.

The Asylum housed large interview rooms, in which the institutionalized would receive aid from psychiatrists. During one such interview, a German man in severe denial by the name of Reinier Von Helmont attacked his interviewer, with a shout of "How much longer will we suffer?"

Von Helmont escaped from the interview room, and managed to elude the numerous guards about the Asylum. His goal soon became clear as he began releasing the other madmen and loosing them upon the Asylum.

What ensued was a massacre. Although all of the inmates were eventually subdued, it came at the cost of 23 workers, leaving only six of the original staff.

The government again had to lend their hand. They determined that maintaining Sunrock was more trouble and more risk than it was worth. This lead to the order to for a systematic elimination of all inmates. Von Helmont, the last to be executed, left the final words, "And you dare call us madmen."

In a time of such prosperity, the last thing America needed was a black mark on its record like Sunrock. After the elimination of the inmates, the building itself was demolished, and the ruins were left among the desert rocks.


The Memory

The atrocities of Sunrock can never be forgotten, no matter how much the government would like it to be. Not a single inmate that died truly left this world. All had some reason to stay.

Sunrock lives on in the Shadowlands of Arizona. The building appears mostly as it was the day it was created, but the shift into the Deadlands have taken a definite toll. Paint peels off the sides, walls are pock-marked with holes, and springs stick out of the padded cell walls. The bars on all the windows have rusted to the point of nearly crumbling. The floors are always stained, though with what is another debate. Some who have been to the Asylum believe it's simply dirt, while others think it may be hardened blood. The fluorescent lights flicker in a manner as chaotic as the minds of those who walk under them. It's even rumoured that the lights are Shellridden by one wraith in order to deter visitors.



Red shows doors. Dotted line shows windows.

First Floor

Guards were once stationed in the towers. The leftmost room was a waiting room for visitors, bordered by the reception room, where visitors were greeted. The room is the top-right was a janitorial closet.

Second Floor

The topmost interview rooms feature one-way mirrors, shown by the slightly different-coloured walls, which allowed the interviews to be observed. The bottom rooms had no such features. The office is where most of the important wraiths take residence.


The Residents

The inmates have almost entirely proclaimed allegiance to the Penitent Legion. Reasons for this vary - some want aid in their battle against their oppressors (namely, the American government), while others seek to actually become part of a government, being awe-struck by the seeming omnipotence displayed by the American one.

Not all inmates have this allegiance, though, and this is a constant source of strife among the ranks within the Asylum. Renegades comprise of most of the minorities, but the Heretics, and even some Guilds have followings. There are also wraiths who would just as soon not align themselves anywhere, for whatever reasons they might have.

All told, the Asylum is home to roughly 35 wraiths. Some have left Sunrock since their deaths, and others have moved in, so not all remember the massacre.

Generally speaking, the wraiths of Sunrock are a cold, bitter sort. They are not easily persuaded in any way, shape, or form. All have their own agendas, and are resolute about seeing them carried out.

If the decor is not enough to frighten visitors away, the residents usually are. Simply put, their derangements make them immune to what most people call "morals". If they, in their own minds, see reason to, the inmates will hurl a visitor into a nearby Nihil. Again, their reasons would be various ("That man was Lucifer in disguise. I just saved all of us."), but the fact remains that almost anything could be justified in their chaotic minds.

There are a few residents that command special attention:


Reinier Von Helmont:


Reinier was born in Hannover, Germany, on June 13, 1890. In 1909, his family set out for a land of new opportunity - America - and Reinier followed, expecting that his family knew best.

Reinier had owned a small general store in Hannover, and wished to continue his business in West Virginia, his new home. The business was quite successful, until 1914, when war broke out. As Germans, Reinier and his family were persecuted. They were ridiculed, spat upon, and even beaten in the streets. The store was burned to the ground, and Reinier barely escaped with his life.

All this was quite traumatic to Reinier, who had always believed in the intrinsic kindness of people in the past. His mind sought some haven, and ran to the nearest one - denial. Unfortunately, he fell in too deep, and eventually, his grip on reality at all was shattered. As he lost touch of what was acceptable behaviour, he became psychotic in the truest sense of the word.

In 1917, Reinier attacked a man who spat on him, killing the man with his bare hands. For this act, he was sentenced to a lifetime in jail, but he was transferred to Sunrock Asylum in 1922. He died in the execution later that year.

Roleplaying Suggestions

Ages of sufferance have left you cold and callous. You have a constant, disinterested look on your face, one that says, "What concern is it of mine?"

Your responsibilities are large, as the unanimously proclaimed ruler of Sunrock Asylum. You, with your advisor, Isabella Tarus, and bodyguard, the one known as "El Chapacubra", ensure the safety and well-being of your fellow inmates. They follow you because they owe you - you set them free. But now in the Deadlands, you wonder how much more sufferance you will be forced to undertake.

Any visitors to your abode must have good reason to be there, lest they cross you (not a difficult task). Trespassers are nuisances and dangers.

You offer allegiance to the Penitent Legion, for perhaps with their power, those bastards in America will finally learn what sufferance is, and why none should be forced into it without reason.

Vital Info
Name: Reinier Von Helmont
Age: 110
D.o.D.: Dec. 12, 1922
Cause of Death: Execution
Life: Storeowner
Regret: Persecution
Nature: Optimist
Demeanour: Callous Lunatic
Shadow: Pusher

Strength 4, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4
Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 1
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4

Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 4, Dodge 3, Empathy 2, Intimidation 4, Subterfuge 3
Skills: Firearms 2, Leadership 3, Melee 3, Stealth 1
Knowledge's: Bureaucracy 1, Enigmas 1, Politics 4

Allies 5 (Inmates), Haunt 5 (Sunrock), Notoriety 1, Status 4 (Inmates)

Punish American citizens (Revenge) 4, Regain grip on reality (Happiness) 3, Punish government (Revenge) 3

Sunrock ruins 4, General Store ruins 3, Graves of family 3

Outrage 3, Puppetry 2, Phantasm 1, Usury 1

Corpus: 10
Willpower: 8
Pathos: 8

Dark Passions:
Completely introvert Reinier (Greed) 5, Forget Family (Spite) 3, Sabotage German army (Hopelessness) 2

Thorns: Infamy (2), Shadow Traits (+1 Str, +1 Man, +1 Stm), Pact of Doom

Permanent Angst: 6
Temporary Angst: 5


Isabella Tarus:


Ever since her birth in 1901, Isabella was raised a Christian. She worshipped God, and she feared God. She thanked God for every meal, and she thanked God each night before going to bed.

Isabella's faith was a force to be reckoned with in and of itself. In time, her faith lent her extreme force of will. She began to perform miracles - healing the wounded with a touch of her hand, walking across water, and the like. Eventually, she became convinced that she was not only blessed, but a reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

What Isabella didn't know was that she had become a Mage. Her miracles were not heaven-sent, but rather, came from the focused effort of her mind.

Regardless, claims and rumours of a miracle-worker soon attracted attention. Isabella's religious fervour was absolute, having dominated her mind entirely. Everything came crashing down, though, when she attacked a priest she thought to be Satan in disguise. The priest was paralysed from the neck down. Isabella was declared clinically insane and sent to Sunrock Asylum.

Roleplaying Suggestions

The thing that saddens you the most is to see how Christianity falls. More people are becoming atheists than ever before, and clouds of sin roll over the land. People forget God in their daily lives. You don't want to see any more souls go to Hell than are needed.

You trust the residents of Sunrock Asylum for a number of reasons. While they seem extremely ungodly, their power is undeniable. They are easily manipulated to your ways, as you coy their weak minds with elegant words. And perhaps most importantly, they understand what it means to be persecuted, hated, and misunderstood.

Let Reinier Von Helmont run Sunrock. Accept your position at his side, running the Asylum. Let him think he is in control. You will know better.

These "Deadlands" are not Heaven, and they are not Hell. They are another test from God, to separate those of true faith from the heathens. You will persist. Nothing will sway you from this goal.

Vital Info
Name: Isabella Tarus
Age: 99
D.o.D. : Dec. 12, 1922
Cause of Death: Execution
Life: Zealot
Regret: Fall of Christianity
Nature: Religious Fanatic
Demeanour: Lunatic
Shadow: Director

Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 4, Appearance 3
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3

Awareness 2, Dodge 1, Empathy 2, Expression 4, Intimidation 1
Skills: Drive 1, Etiquette 1, Firearms 1, Leadership 3, Stealth 2
Knowledge's: Enigmas 4, Medicine 2, Theology 5 (an "other" ability)

Allies 5 (Inmates), Eidolon 4, Haunt 5 (Sunrock), Status 3 (Inmates)

Raise Christianity back to power (Faith) 5, Destroy "Satan" [the priest] (Faith) 3, Reach Heaven (Hope) 3

Crucifix Necklace 4, Word of Life Chapel (near Redfield, South Dakota) 4, Sunrock Ruins 3

Argos 2, Moliate 2, Fatalism 1, Lifeweb 1, Usury 1

Corpus: 9
Willpower: 8
Pathos: 9

Dark Passions:
Destroy Christianity (Spite) 4, Reach Hell (Hopelessness) 4, Remain in Deadlands (Hopelessness) 2

Thorns: Tainted Relic (Pentagram Necklace), Infamy (1), Shadowplay

Permanent Angst: 3
Temporary Angst: 3


El Chapacubra:

Nobody really knows where this man came from, what he did, or who he cared for - especially not the government that sent him to Sunrock Asylum. His crime was killing a number of people just to taste their flesh and blood. Whatever the case, this cannibalistic man of Mexican descent came to be known by the name "El Chapacubra", after a monster who reportedly ate peasant's sheep. He fought with inhuman fervour in the 1922 revolt, and was one of the first to be executed. He lays claim to 10 of the 23 murders during the revolt.

Roleplaying Suggestions
Reinier Von Helmont was the one who freed you, and let you feed again. For this, you owe him much, and repay him as his personal bodyguard. Let any who cross him or yourself know why your eyes look like those of an animal moving in for the kill. The "plasm" stuff may not be as tasty or as filling as flesh and blood, but it will do just fine.

Vital Info
Name: "El Chapacubra"
Age: 103
D.o.D. : Dec. 12, 1922
Cause of Death: Execution
Life: Cannibal
Regret: N/A
Nature: Beast
Demeanour: Lunatic
Shadow: N/A

Strength 4, Dexterity 5, Stamina 5
Social: Charisma 1, Manipulation 1, Appearance 2
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3

Alertness 2, Athletics 4, Brawl 5, Dodge 4, Intimidation 5
Skills: Firearms 1, Melee 4
Knowledge's: Occult 3. (The lack of Knowledge's is due to the fact that El Chapacubra's bestial mind is alien, even to him.)

Allies 5 (Inmates), Haunt 5 (Sunrock)

El Chapacubra himself isn't sure. The twisted nature of his mind makes it hard for anything to settle too far. Something, though, managed to keep him out of Oblivion.

See Passions

Outrage 4, Moliate 4

Corpus: 10
Willpower: 7
Pathos: 4

Although it's not certain, some people claim that El Chapacubra is already shadow-eaten. Even if he isn't, he is in Catharsis nine times out of ten.