(A long, silent stare from eyes that seem on the brink of tears)

Edy Cox

Edy was, in life, one of those persons who seemed to float through it on a strange, invisible cloud that provided comfort, conversation and direction. She would often not go to school, and sit by a babbling brook on the way to listen to the wonderful stories it told. Such things were more important than any silly lesson that mean old lady at school taught anyway. The girls who came out of the water and spoke to her were so kind and gentle, like cool breezes on the cusp of summer... who needed school?

Eventually, her parents realized that something was wrong, and beat her to within an inch of her life to get her to stop talking to her invisible friends. It worked a little too well: she stopped talking altogether. Her parents had to take her out of school to keep anyone from asking about the silence, and for a year she did nothing but work on the wooden puzzles her father made, play with her stuffed cat and go down to the babbling brook, where her friends didn't need to hear her talk to know what she meant to say.

Her friends offered to take her someplace where she could never be hurt again, and she agreed to come back the day. On her way home to pack her doll suitcase, her parents grabbed her and took her to see a very stern man in a suit who diagnosed her with 'dementia praecox' and suggested she be admitted to the Hope of Gethsemane Sanitarium for her own good.

Her parents agreed, trusting in the man to cure their daughter. However, Edy never got any better there, and her parents stopped coming after a time, wracked with guilt over what they saw as a failure on their part. Over time, she withdrew more and more, responding only to puzzles.

She solved puzzle after puzzle as the years went by - over and over again, each time completing them just a little slower than before. The stern man said she was withdrawing even more, but, in fact, she was learning something. Long ago, one of her old friends from the brook told her she could do great things if she could just unlock herself. Puzzles provided a handy diagram, and she was learning more and more all the time.

One day in her 25th year - maybe a few months after they renamed her "condition" schizophrenia - the stern man sat her down in his office. And he gave her a different puzzle to unlock - one made from glass, ivory and a strange metal she'd never seen before. It took her an hour to open it just so, and then the man laughed and snatched it away from her, giving her a glass of orange juice as a reward.

The man was never seen again after that night, and whatever he placed in her drink made sure she told no one anything. It was a vile concoction that left her bedridden and then ate away at her nervous tissue like a cat will a dead bird... slowly, playfully and steadily. It took her two months to die, yellow and whispering, as a combination of mental degeneration, septic poisoning and despair took her down.

And thus - still holding a puzzle someone had put there, hoping to bring her out of it - into the hands of the dead she went. The Legion of Madness took her in without question, and the previous Anacreon took her under his wing. He made her a record keeper, using her exact memory to good use.

She liked the fellow, and he her, which made it all the more sad when they brought the current Anacreon over. For some strange reason, he transferred his power to him, and then left the Necropolis without even saying goodbye. Williams has made it fairly clear that the only reason he keeps Edy around is because the previous Anacreon stated that it had to be that way. As a result, she's spent the years since then worried sick for her own future.

Nature: Visionary

Demeanor: Autist

Cohort: Penitent Legion - Overlord

Born: 1887

Died: 1912

Life: Woman in the room at the end of the asylum hall that no one knew

Death: Poisoned - yellow, whispering with a puzzle in her hand

Regret: Not solving the riddle of herself

Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3

Social: Charisma 5 (Innocent), Manipulation 3, Appearance 2

Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 4 (Smart), Wits 3

Talents: Alertness 1, Awareness 5 (Faeries), Dodge 3, Expression 4 (Pointing)

Skills: Crafts 3, Meditation 4 (through solving puzzles), Stealth 2, Soulforging 2

Knowledges: Bureaucracy 4 (supplies), Enigmas 5 (puzzles), Astronomy 2, Faerie Lore 1

Backgrounds: Artifact 2 (Overlord's Mask), Eidolon 3, Haunt 2 (room where they keep the puzzles at the Sanitarium), Mentor ?, Relic 1 (stuffed cat) Status 4 (Hierarchy - Overlord)

Passions: Solve your own riddle (Self-esteem) 5, Make people like you (Fear) 3, Look after Gerald (Love) 2

Fetters: Babbling brook 3, Her old room in the Sanitarium 2, The Sanitarium's puzzles 3

Arcanoi: Argos 2, Fatalism 4, Inhabit 3, Moliate 3, Phantasm 1

Willpower: 6

Corpus: 7

Permanent Angst: 3

Shadow: The Freak

Thorns: Shadow Traits: STR 5 (6)

Dark Passions: Scare people away from you (Self-pity) 5, Destroy Yourself (Hate) 3

Merits: Eidetic memory +2, Faerie Affinity +2

Flaws: Fragile Corpus -3, Obsession (puzzles) -2

Image: She is a will o'the wisp in form and deed: a walking stick with long, wispy brown hair and dark circles for eyes, dressed in a plain, little-girl's dress that has been extended out to cover a grown, if petite, woman. She carries her cat even into the soulforges.

Role Playing: The only people you communicate with are your mentor, Gerald and the Anacreon. Other than that, don't look anyone in the eye, talk to anyone, nor write anything down for anyone. Just point and stare at what they want, or where to find what they want.

Be a mystery or they'll figure you out and learn you're not worth anything, and then you'll be in the forges, too. One day, you and Gerald will leave this awful place for somewhere else. Then maybe you'll learn how to unlock yourself for real.

Shadow: "There's no mystery, here. Let me show you how things really are!"

Edy's Shadow is a terrifying thing when it gets going. It resents the fact that she was cooped up in the asylum for most of her life, and thinks that Edy's becoming a mysterious figure is a surrender on her part. So it rages, and tries to scare people away. If that doesn't work it does the best it can to send Edy into a Harrowing through self-destruction.

Big Secrets: For some time, she has been the companion and love of Gerald Epurier, the overlord of the Legion of Paupers. She knows about his plan to escape using that relic engine, and every once in a while she'll steal or make something for it. He is her true love, and she will defend him at all costs. She will talk to him when they are alone.

She doesn't know much about her mentor, other than the fact that she lives at that big church no one wants to enter. Edy thinks she could enter it, but doesn't want to. Yet...

Something odd is going on in the soulforges: some of the people to get smelted down are taken away by these odd-looking fellows to a special place even she can't go. The overlord of the Silent Legion goes there a lot.

Some time ago, she learned that her "imaginary friends" were faeries. She doesn't know why they didn't come to help her in that awful place, but to hell with them - she thinks they just used her for that special magic stuff they need like ghosts need Pathos. She feels bitter towards all of them, even if they aren't as afraid of her as they are of other ghosts. Ironically, the bitterness has made it easier for her to spot them.