"Well, see... *cough* the Hierarchy's our best line of defense against that there Oblivion thing, and I'll be damned if I want to see everyone get turned into a Spectre. I was here when there were spectres running around the streets, and I don't know where they went but I'll be damned if I let a bunch of nay-saying people of low breeding stock destroy what's been built.

"You take my meaning, Legionnaire?"

Roger Whitkins

Lt. Roger Whitkins' story is typical for young men of his time and area. When the South broke away and the Civil War began he left the family farm in Georgia to enlist, and his money and breeding quickly saw him promoted in the field to Lieutenant.

He served with distinction, but mostly stayed with the home guard, missing out on a lot of the early successes of the Southern Army. By the time he saw any real action, the war was coming closer to home and the South was losing. He participated in only one full-fledged battle: they lost, and Lt. Whitkins was stockaded with the other men and officers and a rather curvaceous group of Army whores until the end of the war, two months later.

When he got out of prison he'd lost his sword and his officer's clothing, and then he came home to Georgia to find that he'd lost the farm, too. Some Yankee carpetbagger was living in his home and growing cotton with his former slaves as "employees." Of his family there was no sign, save that when the Yankee had shown up, he'd found it deserted except for the slaves who'd refused to say what had happened in the meantime. The carpetbagger was kind enough to let Whitkins have some of his old family affairs back, especially the debts that had mounted, but the house was staying his. That night, as he slept on the front porch, Whitkins' horse collapsed from a heart attack, and that was the final straw.

Beaten, tired and generally unamused, Whitkins decided to go West and seek his fortune, taking nothing that was his. He settled in Seattle after a time, married a pretty young thing and set up a small gambling establishment with a few other gentlemen. It wasn't much, but it was enough to pay bills and keep him out of the poor house. The Great Fire took all that away too, and the other men left town for San Francisco. Whitkins wanted to go but his wife didn't favor the trip, saying she'd lost her taste for travel. He went into the restaurant business, sired three children, and eventually wound up going mad from the syphilis his frequent trips to the whorehouse brought down on him. He died mad, penniless and ancient at a retirement home in the North of town at the ripe old age of 73.

After death, he came out of his caul with the need to re-establish himself on this side of things. The Iron Legion was impressed by his bearings, and he rose through the ranks to Overlord in no time flat. They might smelt him down if they ever knew of his growing hatred for the Hierarchy (which he thinks is no better than the Northern sons of bitches that ruined his whole world over whether they paid the blackfolk or not - carpetbagger bastards...) but for the time being he's keeping that card real damn close to his chest...

Nature: Rebel

Demeanor: Bravo

Cohort: Iron Legion - Overlord

Born: 1841

Died: 1914

Life: Defeated but defiant soldier

Death: Failed old coot

Regret: Having lost the war

Physical: Strength 4 (Tough), Dexterity 4 (Fast), Stamina 4 (Hardy)

Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2

Mental: Perception 2, Intelligence 3, Wits 2

Talents: Alertness 2, Brawl 3, Intimidation 3, Streetwise 2, Carousing 1, Scrounging 3

Skills: Etiquette 3, Firearms 3, Leadership 3, Melee 2, Dancing 2, Gambling 3, Ride 2

Knowledges: Bureaucracy 3, Investigation 2, Linguistics 2 (French, Latin), Medicine 2, Politics 3

Backgrounds: Allies 3 (Leader of the Purple Gang, Skeletal Overlord Lisa Lethbridge, Fate Overlord Justin Time), Artifact 3 (Overlord mask), Contacts 3, Legacy 1, Memoriam 2, Relic 3 (Lemat pistol), Relic 3 (Cavalry sabre), Relic 4 (pile of explosives) Status 4 (Hierarchy - Overlord)

Passions: Defy tyranny (Nostalgia) 4, Make friends and allies (Self-esteem) 4, Blow up El Dorado (Hate) 3

Fetters: Family mansion 3, Great great great great grandson 2, Body of his horse 2

Arcanoi: Argos 3, Embody 2, Lifeweb 3, Moliate 4, Puppetry 2

Willpower: 7

Corpus: 8

Permanent Angst: 5

Shadow: The Workaholic

Thorns: Shadow traits (Cha 5)

Dark Passions: Become a one man army for change (Pride) 5, Force people to like you (Expediency) 3, Die talking El Dorado out (Joy de morte) 2

Merits: Self confident (+5), Renegade boon (+2)

Flaws: Dark secret (-1), Echoes (-5)

Image: He has moliated himself to appear as he did during the Civil War: a younger man dressed in the livery of a Confederate Lt. with strikingly pale blonde hair, wearing an officer's trenchcoat and cap. He has a handlebar mustache, and wears his Lemat and calvary sabre proudly at his sides. Of course, when on official business he puts on the robes and overlord mask, but that's just stagredressing.

Role Playing: Insist on being called Lieutenant! Whitkins. Cocky, self-assured and proud, never let anyone out-talk, out-think or out-act you... unless, of course, they're your direct superior(s).

You have to be careful about who you breach your most private and ambitious of ideas... and, of course, you have to be careful with using the word "nigger" in public too, darn it. Times have changed, and not for the better.

But you'll see what you can do about that. The Hierarchy's as bad as any bunch of nosy Northern bastards that ever was. They come over from Europe and think they can tell good, God-fearing Americans what to do. To hell with that!

Shadow: "Well see, this country needs a good, old fashioned revolution to overthrow the Hierarchy and set up our own affairs. You wanna be with me on this, or am I gonna do it all by myself?"

Relying on others was a mistake. It cost the South badly - as least so far as Roger and his Shadow are concerned - and it shouldn't be allowed to cost Roger, either. Get him to do everything, no matter what it is, by himself in order to make sure it's done fast, right and in accordance with his needs.

Big Secrets: Wanting to blow up El Dorado is his biggest secret. In a shed to the West of town, by the Waterfront, he maintains a stockpile of relic explosives that would do any mad bomber proud. One day, when it's good and ready... BOOM! And then he'll take charge of what's left.

Once, when he had a chance to run in a circle of renegades known as the Purple Gang, he stayed his hand on the understanding that they would do some favors for him from time to time. He keeps a good eye on Renegade movements and always tells his boss what to tell the Grim and Pauper people, as long as it keeps the Circle he's friends with safe and disposes of their enemies. It's his way of watching out for them for watching out for him.

He also knows of a secret entrance to El Dorado, which is a byway leading down by the Waterfront to the back door of the tempest stronghold. He uses it when he wants to sneak in and out.