Chronicle - Ghost Town


R. S. Dyer


Things are alive in the lands of the dead.

Inside the Shadowlands castle, I heard growling and barking like a large dog or a wolf. I then heard a voice speaking in a southern accent, followed by the audible click of a shotgun being racked.

"Go ahead son. Try and attack an officer of Charon's law.... I like my corpus cooked...."

Whatever it was that was growling started to roar. The sound of a shotgun blast and a flash of fire followed the roar. The smell of hellfire and brimstone filled the air, as the creature gave its final death cry.

Behind me, the door to the castle opened, and out walked a cowboy, a smoldering Barghest on one shoulder, a shotgun on the other. A badge hung on his vest, and he appeared to be chewing on the corpus of the now twice-deceased wraith. A wraith moliated to look like a hound of hell. As he walked up to me, I could feel the air get colder. Slowly, he raised a rotting squint-eyed grin at me and the other wraiths that were gathered around.

It's getting so a grrl can't go out of the haunt alone...


* * * *


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See you on the other side...


Ron D.
ACST-Wraith, Night Shift