Ryer D. is an AP Art Studio student who lives in Shelbyville, Kentucky, which he describes as "a place floating in the Tempest of the cultural asshole of America." His school still stinks, but it's been made somewhat worthwhile thanks to his new, "super-mega cute" boyfriend, Jon.

He says that art and music are his life. He had a "dark industrial trip hop electronic" band which was called Drowned God for a time, but has now reverted to its original name - MDMA - and is trying its hand at "weird hip hop ethnic middle Eastern" music, instead. He's also working on putting together a folkrock band, "kind of like Ani DiFranco but more like Bitch and Animal." Go fer it, Ryer!

As for his artwork, he's getting out of Wraith-mode for a time to try something else and focus on other areas of his personality. He's still focusing on social commentary, of course.

Anyone interested in his day to day thoughts can check out his Deadjournal, or reach him by email here.

Ex Oblivione
Spectral Guardians
Reaching Through the Shroud
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