A city full of flowers
A city full of rain
I've got seven days to live my life
Or seven ways to die

David Bowie, Seven

Stygia is dying.

The Isle of Sorrows is collapsing, swallowed by the ever increasing pit that was the entrance of the Veinous Stair.

Earthquakes fell the gigantic spires that graced the skyline, as the Mouth of the Void widens to envelope the city.

Whole Stygian suburbs now rest on the Labyrinth floor.

The City Above

Falling into the Void is not the only danger to a wraith unfortunate or foolish enough to try and survive in the collapsing Isle.

The Maelstrom continues unabated, and the winds of Oblivion scream from the same hole that swallows the city. Artifacts, shadowed-plasmics, and debris fall like deadly haill. Bells toll out the destruction as a death-knell, and a new breed of spectres makes them ring.

Shades roam the streets, and Nephwracks priests bring in the ends of the empire. Barrow-fires burn entire city blocks, and soul-storms hit wraiths with a malevolent intelligence. Buildings topple and fall.

But some wraiths remain And even more still land their boats on the shore. Why? What wraith not fully immersed by Catharsis would stay in such a death-trap?

The City Below

The fallen city - Amphsikiopoli Stygia.

Malfeans crawl over the corpse of the City of Death like maggots. Their servitors fight child-like over the empires scraps. All within a stones throw of the Mouth of the Void.

Wave after wave of spectral armies wrestle for the treasures hidden in the ruins. Heavily armed Doomslayers descend the labyrinths depths to send the defectors and stragglers to Oblivion. And even the Once-born aren't immune to being crushed by a thousand tons of rock and tumbling skyscraper.

And no-one, not from the mightiest Shade, to the least of the Nothings can hold back a tremble of terror at the noises coming from the portico's of the Neverborn. They rouse from their slumber, and bring the end of all things with them.

And yet more and more spectres still flock to the new Amphsikiopoli. While the rest of existence is open for raping, some still come to fight each other for scraps.