Dateline now
I'm fucking all over the place like a jigsaw
my face is coming apart and
I have big metal hooks for hands
since that time in
(smack the mirror pop a pill)
good boy
Don't talk back anymore or
we'll all be burned out of your mind.


Type and make it make sense
if you can manage to
make words with hooks for
Tacky-tack-tack like beetles screwing
eating going to the zoo
here in my head.
(smack the mirror pop a pill)
good boy.


Type: "Hitler is alive, somewhere"


I saw him when I was in the asylum
looking at me with his
popeyes and mustache when they
me full of thorazine and bundled me from
room to room
like a potted plant.
Endless parade of eggheads wanting to know
why I
shot my friends in the old house.
Was it stress? Was it anger? Was it sexual


And I say no, man, no fucking way I know
who made me do it. Check
I know WHAT made me do it
(Beetles clickyclacking like stilletoheels
on tilefloors)
Do you wanna piece of this?
Do you wanna piece of the rage in my
head since Tuesday?
Hitler laughs as rip off the jacket
I chew my hands off
Keep them from betraying me again.


Hitler then Hitler now:
I see him in the taxicab mirror
in the bathtub
when I shit
when I try to sleep
Just like I saw him in the house
Just like I saw him in that old, cold stone
house when we
when I
When HE made me shoot
finger pointed a stiff salute
>You Do What You Are Told Meatbag<
and then blasts blood brains and oh god
the smoke
And me sitting there stupidly for the cops
to find -
Hitler was long gone, by then.


When I am done with you I will dance in
your ribcage
I will eat your liver and spit chunks in the gaping hole
I leave your mouth when I tear your
jawbone out
No escape no mercy no remorse
You guided my hand then and now.
(smack the mirror pop a pill)
good, good boy.


Hitler's been up to his neck in this
since 1945.
He didn't die in no bunker.
got his brain
Turned him into some invisible ghost
Nazis been on the run ever since and there
are camps
on the Moon.
If you look really hard you can see the
(NASA can't airbrush worth a damn)


But I see him everywhere now.
The pattern so clear now that the
are gone.
Hitler seen in Aushwitz,
gloating over the tourists.
Hitler on the dance floor, trolling with
Eva Gabor.
Hitler in New York in '78, watching the Gestapo invent Disco.
Hitler in 'Mars Needs Women': the reel the
wouldn't let us see.


People think I'm nuts?
You try wiping your ass with a hook
You try waiting for checks in the mail
You try living with THE LOOK
THE LOOK that says 'oh, hi, I see you're
of the asylum. When are you going to go
back in, shooter.
And who will go with you?'


And here he comes:
I can smell him now, all cordite and sewer
as he and his bugfriends float down the hall
I know they've got it in for me.
I've told too many
Too many know
I have to be silenced so the FBI can keep
selling dope to schoolchildren in Bali.
I have to be silenced so Waco can go on forever.
I have to be silenced so no one will know he invented rap music too.


But no
I may have hooks, I may have a case officer, they might even have taken away my guns.
But there's gas available at every corner
And matches are given out free at the bars
they follow me to.


I will almost feel sorry for them as I strike.
Hitler will say something as the door opens up,
but I'll be gone and he'll be going
and then there'll just be discolights and
warm jingle-jangles along my spine
(smack the mirror pop a pill)


Yeah, you just come on in here, you FUCK.


And consider this payback for the Bee-Gees...