Crossover Arts

Night Hag

{Prerequisite Arts, ** Apprehension, ** Dreamwatcher}

Wraiths can use * Hand of Fear to go rooting around in a mortal and take Essence from what they find in her head. This Art lets a Wraith put a fearsome nightmare into a sleeping mortal's head, and generate a slightly larger meal of Essence from the target's reaction.


Eternal Restlessness

{Prerequisite Arts, *** Reflection, *** Dreamwriter}

This particularly sick Art denies the target the luxury of waking up. The the nightmare is twisted in on itself in an endless loop, on and on, and it will last for as long as the Wraith's successes allow. A sick variation lets the target think she's woken up, only to be presented with a new nightmare, and another, and another...



{Prerequisite Arts, *** Dreamwriter, *** Refine}

The line between bad memories and nightmares is sometimes a fine one. This Art lets a Wraith slip inside the target's head and, though a little coaxing, turn a bad memory into a nightmare, or a nightmare into a bad memory. The former is therapeutic, as it gives the target the sense of having overcome whatever trauma took place in the past - "it was just a dream." The latter is harmful, as it lessens the target's grip on reality, and has her unsure of her past.



{Prerequisite Arts, **** Dreammaker, **** Recall}

This sinister Art makes the target suffer from a severe case of Oneirataxia: not only can she not dream, but she cannot remember anything for more than a second, and nothing in-depth. So long as the Art lasts, she lives life from moment to moment, and suffers from Fatigue due to her inability to dream.

It's not that the Wraith has actually "stolen" these facilities, so much as they've been placed somewhere else: one of the user's Anchors. The target's mental functions are somehow tied to that Anchor, and since objects can't really think, dream or remember - **** Recall notwithstanding - the target stumbles every time she tries to do these things.

If the Anchor in question is severed or destroyed, the Art immediately ends, and the Wraith who used it has her own problems, now...


Night Terror

{Prerequisite Arts, ***** Damnation, ***** Dreamslayer}

This Art functions much like ***** Dreamslayer, only the damage is no longer psychosomatic. Thanks to this Crossover Art, the target's body will truly suffer the wounds given in the dream - level for level, type for type. Particularly "hands-on" Incubi and Succubi like to enter dreams and slaughter the target with sharp objects, so onlookers will see the body be carved up in its sleep...



{Prerequisite Arts, ***** Damnation, ***** Repercussion}

The Remembrancer's response to Night Terror, this Art functions much like ***** Repercussion, only the damage suffered in the memory becomes real as well. This results in such gruesome spectacles as onlookers seeing a target who's "remembering" her falling to her death, only to splatter on the ground at the end. Car crashes, gruesome diseases and gunshots to the head are also favorites.