Crossover Arts

The Rule of Three

{Prerequisite Arts, ** Good Guess, ** Coincidence}

Modern Pagans often invoke the Wiccan Rede, whereby the good you do will come back to you three-fold, but also the bad. This Art puts a little bite into that promise, so that those who are in need of a pointed reminder get at least three strong hints thrown their way. They will not help or hinder the target in her goals, but they're jarring enough to make the point.

This can be aimed at anyone whose name the Wraith knows, or that she has a likeness of, and successes determine how strong and obvious the hints are. Fortunetellers often use this Art to remind wayward clients to settle their debts, but that's a highly-mercenary example of its use.


Web of Fate

{Prerequisite Arts, *** Fortune's Favor, *** The Walk}

This Art causes a target of the Wraith's choosing to live in interesting moments. From the second it is cast, the target Wraith will act as though she had used *** The Walk to investigate something, or someone, of the casting Wraith's choosing. This is a great way to hook people up without the Wraith being seen to be involved, but if it's used for harmful ends - or they turn out bad - she gets Tainted Essence for her part in it.


Time's Winged Chariot

{Prerequisite Arts, *** Focused Reading, *** The Walk}

The Oracles are quick to point out that one's destiny cannot be avoided. However, it can be sped up, which is what this Art does. Whatever good or bad thing an Oracle has seen awaiting for someone else {never the Oracle} can be brought to that person much faster than anticipated. If the Wraith uses this Art to speed up a disastrous destiny, she gets Tainted Essence for having forced it.


Divine Harbinger

{Prerequisite Arts, **** Destined Undertaking, **** Found Objects}

Part of the limitation of the Path of Destiny is that Wraiths have to be very specific in their requests of what to see. They can't ask the Gods to show them the time, date and aftermath of the worst Storm that will ever hit the Necropolis, for example - they can only mince around the subject. And when they finally are "lucky" enough to see that disaster, they suffer for their visions.

Fortunately, those who practice that Path are familiar with a strange harbinger of great events, both foul and fair. It seems that if something wonderful or terrible is going to happen, a nondescript {but Fated, they say} Wraith known as Justinian will be there. No one is certain why he does this, or what he gets out of it, though - once he's spotted in the crowd, Justinian flashes a knowing smile at whoever saw him, turns and vanishes once more.

Given that behavior, Oracles use Justinian the Harbinger as a "lodestone." By making a likeness of him, and focusing on it for a day and a night, they can gauge when he might next appear. That way they don't have to ask 100 questions of the Gods to determine when they might wish to see something - they need only find the harbinger, and they can ask more questions from there.

The problem with this Art - other than how time-consuming it is - is how much Willpower and Essence it drains from the Wraith who performs it. That and the likeness of Justinian can only be used once, as it cracks and crumbles into soot as soon as he's spotted. And these remnants then blow away on the dead wind so quickly that, within seconds, it's as if the statue had never even been there.


Friend In Need

{Prerequisite Arts, **** Gift of the Wheel, **** Found Objects}

Sometimes both luck and influence are simply not enough. At times like that, the Fortunetellers and Finders need a helping hand. That hand is Nicolo - sometimes called Nicholas, or Nick - who will appear to perform one single, important action on the Wraith's behalf, and then disappear once more.

Nicolo is not the real name of this person {or force, depending on whom you talk to}, but it's as good a one as any. And while he has the power to directly interfere on the behalf of the Wraith who summoned him via this Art, the when and how of Nicolo's interference is entirely up to him. He may open the cell door so a living friend can escape, or he may burn down the police station: he's kind of 50/50 between good ideas and bad.

Calling up Nicolo takes a Scene, and a measure of Essence. How long it takes him to get there depends entirely on him - or his schedule - and what he does is up to the Storyteller. However, should Nicolo's idea on how to handle a problem create more problems than it solves, the Wraith who called on Nicolo will take Tainted Essence for having let him loose.