Path of Luck

What's my deal? I say that things just happen. And I'm right.

And they happen the way they're supposed to, dig? You can't ask the world what's gonna happen, 'cause it can't say. And you can't force the world to do what you want, either, 'cause it won't let you.

But it all works out, sooner or later, my brother. You just gotta be open to possibility.

Come on... take a walk on the wild side.

Those who don't practice - or appreciate - the Fate Numen often think the Finders are all talk. How much talent does it really take to just go meet people at random, or scrounge around for something important? They say it must be a scam, and put their phenomenal luck in rooting things and people out down to... well, luck.

Of course, it really is just that - luck. The Wraiths who practice this Path have learned to recognize the calm, certain feeling of being on the right track. They know that you can't push things or try to control them, but just "let it be," and things will work out.

Whether they work out for the best is always a question of perspective, but most Finders know better than to complain.


** Coincidence:

With a Turn's concentration, the Wraith receives a vision of what's going on, somewhere else, that has a connection with what she's interested in. The more successes she gets, the better the sense of where it is, what it is, and who might be involved {by face, and then name}.

That connection could be direct or indirect, and seeking it out might just tell her what she already knows. But it's a step in the right direction, at least.


*** The Walk:

This Art lets a Wraith literally bump into people, things and events that have a connection with what she's interested in. It takes at least a Scene to walk "aimlessly" about the city, thinking about the situation - or not - but the more successes she gets, the more she finds. This Art can also be used to "home in" on things seen through ** Coincidence, and using that Art first adds dice to this Art's roll.

The "Walk" can also be a "slouch," if the Wraith would rather use this Art to make people, things and events come to find her. However, it costs more Essence, and doesn't give her the option of running away if what she discovers gets a little too hairy.


**** Found Objects:

Some people are never, ever at a loss. Using this Art lets a Wraith "go blank" and scrounge for something to help her out of whatever jam she's in at the moment. The more successes that are gained, the more useful the object the Wraith turns up.

On the other hand, if there's nothing there to find at all, the Wraith will know it right away and not waste her time searching.


***** Lucky Escape:

Sometimes the luck - good or bad - comes too fast and furious for Wraith to process properly, or handle in the best way. This Art is something of a cosmic "Time Out," and stops her from running into anything to do with what she's working on for a certain amount of time. It also stops that situation from getting any more involved, for better or worse, and puts a halt to whatever plans or plots are cooking.

Such is the power of this Art that a Wraith can escape near-certain death or disaster by using it, so long as the fate to be averted was caused by her nosing into something. However, when she ends the Art's effects - or they run out - the avoided doom will regroup very quickly and head right for her.

Hopefully she'll have what she needs by then.