Crossover Arts


{Prerequisite Arts, ** Sudden Motion, ** The Presaging}

This relatively recent Art takes advantage of long-distance communication systems, such as telephone and telegraph wires. Claiming an entire line network would be very expensive, so Wraiths have learned to shellride the electric impulse, instead: turning themselves into a few electric crackles, disappearing into a wall socket and reappearing somewhere else, almost instantly.

There are two catches. The first is that the Wraith can only use this to go somewhere she's been, or somewhere she knows the exact location of. The other is that they still experience the pull of their Anchors - if the destination is outside of their limit, the pull will catch up with them the moment they reform.


Ghost Prison

{Prerequisite Arts, *** All Activity, *** Modernization}

It's always been possible for more than one Wraith to Claim the same object at once, so long as the first one to Claim it lets the others in. This Art goes a step further - it allows a Wraith to Claim an object, and shove another Wraith in there, against her will. The Wraith using Ghost Prison can then lock the other Wraith inside of the object for a certain amount of time, if she chooses to.

This Art doesn't work as well against Wraiths with Decay: they can try to make a * Claim roll to get out, so long as they get double the successes of their Jailer. And anyone with Ghost Prison can just make a roll of her own to reverse the effects. However, for those who don't know anything about Decay, this Art is a good way to keep troublemakers locked up for a while.


Ghost In The Machine

{Prerequisite Arts, **** Complete Control, **** Mutation}

Ordinarily, someone who Claims a computer can only make it to what it's supposed to, and by going through the normal means {"typing" on the keyboard, flipping the buttons, moving the mouse to click on the folder and read the file, etc.}. This Art lets a Wraith slide around inside its programming and read, change or delete information, and also lets the Wraith make the programs do things they aren't supposed to.

While they can't leave the Claimed computer and retain control over it, Wraiths can use this Art to talk to other computers on the same network, and correspond with other, Claimed machines so long as they're hooked in, too. Wraiths can't achieve total control over another computer while they're Claiming the one they're in, but they can always modify some of the computer's programs to hack into the others.


Haunted Mansion

{Prerequisite Arts, ***** Sympathetic Action, ***** Metamorphosis}

One of the more terrifying Arts that Decay has is the ability to make a Claimed object do things it just isn't built to do. Books grow teeth and bite their readers, marble statues come to life and grapple with intruders, staircases fall flat and slide mortals into an opening gullet in the floor below, spiral staircases turn to iron snakes and constrict their climbers... almost anything is possible with this Art.

The changes wrought with Plasticity don't last for too long, and are costly - both in terms of extra Essence and Tainted Essence. But nothing says "get out" like the front facade of a house suddenly becoming a great, fanged maw and shrieking "feed me your soul!"


Total Destruction

{Prerequisite Arts, ***** Resurrection, ***** Metamorphosis}

Objects subjected to the reverse of ***** Resurrection often break down over the space of an hour, which can sometimes be way too slow for a Wraith. The Total Destruction Art delivers exactly what's promised - the Claimed object breaks down in seconds.

The Object can collapse, implode, explode, rot or melt, depending on what the Wraith wants to have happen. But for its swiftness, the Art brings more Tainted Essence than simple, left-handed ***** Resurrection.