Path of Variation

Why do I do it? Because I can. And I think you would, too, if you could.

Admit it or don't. I don't care either way, my friend.

Just don't try to stop me. This is art.

The Artificers are known for their ability to rework places and things to suit their needs and tastes. It's not merely enough for them to Claim and control something - they have to transform it, within and without, until it matches their ideal. And they can have some seriously odd ideas on how things should look, or perform...

As with the Path of Restoration, a Wraith doesn't have to understand how something actually works in order to change it. And, as with the Path of Animation, there isn't too much danger of harvesting Tainted Essence while using the following Arts. The only exceptions are using the Arts to maim, kill or drive the living insane, or else screwing up a **** Mutation or ***** Metamorphosis roll to the point where the object becomes a broken heap of slagged junk, and collapses in on itself. In the latter case, the combination of wasted potential and disappointment feeds a dark banquet to the Artificer's Shadow.

Any changes that a Wraith makes to an object are permanent ones, though the Wraith who made them can always change them back by using the same Art in reverse. Another Wraith with the same Art can try to reverse the process as well, but must gain at least an equal number of successes on that roll as the Wraith who changed it in the first place.


** Modification:

This Art allows a Wraith to make cosmetic changes to a Claimed object. She can change its colors or texture, and make small modifications to its shape, so long as she doesn't change the object's stats or performance.


*** Modernization:

With this Art, a Wraith can make more complicated changes to a Claimed object. She can affect its Durability and Size, which in turn affect Structure and Damage. She cannot, however, change Structure and Damage independently, nor affect the overall performance of its mechanical and electrical parts.


**** Mutation:

Once the Wraith has gotten to this point, a Claimed object's properties can be radically altered, as long as it retains its basic purpose. The Wraith can affect any of the object's stats independently of one another, and change the performance rates of its working parts as well. This allows for the creation of some amazing things, but failure brings the danger of the object collapsing in on its own impossibilities - giving Tainted Essence to the Wraith who forced it too far.


***** Metamorphosis:

The pinnacle Art of the Path allows the Wraith to do damn near anything she wants with an object. So long as the parts are there, or can be converted or cannibalized from nearby {and the Wraith has enough successes and Essence to cover it} a Wraith can turn anything into almost anything. As with **** Mutation, however, the penalty for failure is a massive infusion of Tainted Essence.