Crossover Arts


{Prerequisite Arts, *** Sleepwalk, *** Pull}

Normally, a Wraith using Bios is only able to be in one host at a time. This Art allows the Wraith to spread herself out amidst a swarm of tiny, like creatures - ants, bees, spiders, etc. - so that she becomes the guiding force behind the swarm.



{Prerequisite Arts, **** Lost Time, **** Alter}

This Art allows a Wraith to take full advantage of the mind she's living in: gaining access to memories, skills and information that the host knows. Such access is fleeting, but it may be just long enough to save the Wraith's masquerade, or get her out of a tight spot.


From the Dust

{Prerequisite Arts, **** Making Miracles, **** Alter}

One of the more impressive uses of Bios is the ability to bring a dead body back to some semblance of life. So long as there's a scrap of tissue left on the bone, the Wraith can reverse the process of mortal decay back to just after the moment of death. This process is a quick but costly thing, and will never do more than create an animated cadaver - one that needs Essence daily to keep from falling back into the dust.

But the look on someone's face when they're confronted by a victim they dispatched, years ago, is purportedly worth every ounce of trouble...