Path of Change

Yes, it's really me, lover. I was dead, but now I'm alive again. I'm alive and I came back.. just for you.

Look grateful.

How far will you go to take back what you had? For Shifters, the answer is shown by what they can do to their hosts with the Arts of the Path of Change. It's possible for them to turn a middle-aged, overweight man into a skinny covergirl, and vice versa. They can also make various "improvements" to the human form, if they choose, though these are costly and may be harmful.

As with the Path of Stasis, any damage done to the host as a result of these Arts is not passed along to the Wraith. However, if the things done wind up killing the host, then the Wraith will gain large amounts of Tainted Essence for her part in it.


** Twist

The Wraith can use this Art to make a very minor change in the host body: changing the color of someone's eyes or hair, making her pale, moving body fat around, altering the shape of her face, giving her a birthmark where she didn't have one before, altering the pattern and color of a cat's fur, etc.

The change cannot be something that couldn't be natural, such as turning someone's hair bright neon blue and their eyes pink, or giving a dog a zebra-stripe pattern to its fur. That still leaves a lot of room for maneuvering, though.

The change usually lasts for at least a Scene, but the Wraith can expend Willpower to make it permanent.


*** Pull

The Wraith can not only make cosmetic changes to her host, but she can now go beyond what is "normal" for it: blue hair, pink eyes and a dog with zebra-stripe fur are well within this Art's purview, as are bizarre genitalia, extra fingers, weird teeth and the like. So long as it does not add or subtract from the host's Dice physical dice pools, it can be done with Pull.

As with Twist, the changes usually last for at least a Scene, but the Wraith can expend Willpower to make them permanent. The Wraith can also impress these changes upon the host's genes, so that any offspring it has will carry them as traits, though this is a little more costly.


**** Alter

This stage on the Path allows the Wraith to go beyond the cosmetic, and put serious changes on the map of her host. She can add extra limbs and joints, fashion body armor, make horns, fangs and claws, perform sex changes, increase or decrease muscle and fat... so long as the host will still have something close to its original shape, it can be done with Alter.

In mechanical terms, Alter can be used to add dots to Physical Attributes, or swap them around, increase Defense or Health, or create natural weapons. These changes are costly, though, and the Wraith has to be careful with what she's doing: too many changes may seriously damage or kill a host.


***** Warp

This Art increases the bond between the Wraith and her host to the point where the Wraith's Corpus suffuses itself into the living flesh around it, and becomes one with it. From that point on, anything the Wraith can do with her own Corpus through the Shaping Numen - no matter how radical - can also be done with the host.

However, there is a constant danger of the host's body being unable to cope with the gross changes wrought upon its anatomy. Fatal damage may be caused if the Wraith is too careless, and doesn't clean up after herself.