Path of Stasis

No, he will not die. Of that you can be certain. So long as I have what you've promised, your friend will be cured.

But should you go back on our deal...

The Path of Stasis is the very textbook definition of "double-edged sword" for Wraiths familiar with Bios: all of its Arts can be used to heal or harm in near-equal measure. This makes hiring a Healer a very risky proposition, and makes the Healers themselves something of an "acquired taste."

All the Arts here can be used to harm the host, but no damage is passed on to the Wraith, since she is causing it via Bios.


** Minor Mending

The first Art in the Stasis Path allows a Wraith to accelerate the healing of Bashing damage that the host has suffered, sometimes dramatically. It can also cure diseases that aren't life-threatening by accelerating the body's natural fight against the condition.

On the other side, the Wraith can cause Bashing damage to the host: bruises flower, bones are chipped and the skin breaks in small patches. The Wraith can also pox her host with the rapid onset of any contagious disease the host's body has been in contact with recently. Both applications cause Tainted Essence to be gained, of course.


*** Major Mending

An improvement over Minor Mending, this lets the Wraith accelerate Lethal damage's healing time, and heal Bashing damage immediately. It also cures life-threatening diseases that are external in nature - viruses and bacteria - and not internal, like kidney failure, cancer, and so on. In the latter cases, the Wraith can slow the onset to a near crawl, but cannot completely do away with it.

Again, the Wraith can cause damage, only now it is Lethal: bones break and splinter, and the skin tears open in wide, bloody rents. She can also awaken a deadly, contagious disease that the host's been in contact with, or else has been imprinted on her antibodies at some point. Anything the host has been vaccinated against is fair game.


**** Making Miracles

This Art allows the Wraith to heal Lethal and Bashing damage immediately, and accelerate the healing of Aggravated damage. It can also cure all diseases, whether internal or external, and reverse the damage caused. It's a costly Art to perform, but all miracles have their price.

The flip side is that a Wraith can cause Aggravated damage in a host. She can also introduce a disease into the host's system, and accelerate its spread to near-impossible speeds, so that someone might be fine one moment but riddled with tumors an hour later. This is also very costly, both in Essence and Tainted Essence, but they say the impression it makes it worth every bit of the pain...


***** Methuselah

Who wants to live forever? A Wraith can use this Art to slow down a host body's natural lifespan, and improve her constitution to the point where she doesn't suffer any illnesses at all. The Art takes a lot of Essence to maintain, and a host deprived of it will quickly start to age again. It is often used in short bursts to prolong life close to its end, so the host can have a chance to see loved ones before dying, or do one last thing that needs doing.

It has an offensive use as well: the total and complete termination of life, either by turning it off all at once, or accelerating the aging process to superhuman speeds. Such is the power of this Art that it can turn a middle-aged host into a brittle, old woman in days - if not hours - and reduce a rest home resident into a pile of bones and dust in the same amount of time.