Path of Control

I'm not a freak, okay? It's just that I don't wanna spend any more time dead than I have to. And if that means I have to borrow someone... well, then I borrow them, okay? But just so I can remember what it felt like, again.

And I just borrow. Not keep, okay?

Of course, mere Possession of a host body is rarely ever enough. Once one is feeling the real world, again, one wants to reach out and touch it - to feel it, and savor the sensations. And if the host doesn't like what the Wraith does, or doesn't want to do what the Wraith wants, then something has to be done. It would be madness to be so close and yet so far...

Keeping that in mind, the Path of Control is more widespread - and more used - than anyone would like to admit. Even those who advise others to avoid its use can often be found in flesh, "convincing" their hosts to order steak instead of fish, or tea instead of coffee.

It's just little things, at first.


** Slip

The first step to assuming control over the living, Slip allows a Wraith to make the body perform one quick action, or say one quick thing. "Quick" actions include pulling a trigger, pressing a button or flipping someone off, while quick things are "Yes," "No," "Go away" or the like. The host might not be aware of having performed the action, depending on how subtle the Wraith is - timing is everything, here - but will always know what she said, even if she doesn't know why.


*** Sleepwalk

The next step is forcing the body into a sleepy, half-awake state and then piloting it around, or else taking advantage of such a state. The Art can be used when one's host is drunk or on certain drugs, too, but there's a massive loss of coordination involved. In either case, the host has to be gingerly handled, as one good bang, flash or harsh action will wake her all the way up. She will have a hard time remember what she said and did while Sleepwalking, though.


**** Lost Time

This Art allows the Wraith to take the host completely over without having to put her into a trance, or take advantage of one. The takeover is as quick as the snapping of fingers, and lasts for as long as the Wraith is willing to pay for it in Essence, and she can keep the host from coming to. Should the latter happen, the host will "wake up," not knowing what she's been up to, or how she got here.

{Clever Wraiths take the living over while they're in bed, or falling asleep, and pilot them back to bed before releasing control.}


***** Changeling

This Art allows a hostile takeover of the host body, and the Wraith can use it to take up full-time residence amongst the living. In the process, she shoves the host's consciousness deep into the subconscious parts of the mind, bringing her own to the fore. This puts her completely in control of the body, and negates the need for constant Essence expenditure to maintain control.

Time is the true enemy of the Wraith using this Art. The host will start to act as a second "Shadow," given time: slowly becoming more awake and aware as the Wraith spends more time in her body. After a while, she can try to force Catharsis, or work with the Shadow to ruin it all. {Oddly enough, when it ends, she might not remember any of her time as a prisoner in her own body.}