Crossover Arts


(Prerequisite Arts: ** Early Warning, ** Ping}

This Art allows a group of Wraiths to be bound together, as though they were one another's shared Anchor. This allows the Believers to travel great distances away from their own Anchors, so that they may go on voyages of faith, seekings and other such quests together.

System: The Wraiths must all be touching one another to begin this Art. Only one member of the group need know the Art, but all other Wraiths to be included must contribute one Essence to make it work. The Wraith using the Art must spend one Essence and one Willpower, and then roll Strength + Manipulation + Average of Path of Protection and Creation.

Ever after, until stopped, the Wraiths act as a group Anchor, with each member past the first giving it an effective "rating." The Art allows them unlimited range of travel and shelter from Storms. It also lets them use Numina on the living, as though they were Anchors, and gives a "power boost" to Manifest. However, they cannot use the Art to gain Essence, or heal themselves.

Each day after the first, someone in the group must pay an additional dot of Essence in order to keep the effect going. Also, the Wraiths must be within fifty feet of one another at all times: if anyone steps outside the distance, the effect of the Art is broken, and must be reestablished. Also, everyone takes a dot of Tainted Essence for the sudden breakdown.

The Art can only be "properly" ended as it began, with all Wraiths in the group touching one another, and the Wraith who activated the Art turning it off.



{Prerequisite Arts: ****Shield of Self, ****Renewed Link}

This Art allows a Wraith to perform other Arts from the Protection and Creation Paths on her own, pre-existing Anchors without having to be physically present. She can also perform these arts on behalf of another Wraith - so long as the Wraith is willing - by touching her while that Wraith is engaged in Anchorsense with the Anchor in question.

System: The Art represents a certain level of advanced understanding that comes with both the Path of Protection and the Path of Creation. It requires no extra roll, but the Wraith must spend an additional Willpower to use this Art in conjunction with other Arts.


The Hand of God

{Prerequisite Arts: ****Shield of Self, ****Renewed Link, ****Broken Link}

Perhaps the mightiest of the known Crossover Arts for Anchorage, this allows a Wraith to place a geas upon an Anchor, so that none may dare attack it without severe consequences. Anchors that are protected by this geas often seem to be surrounded by a dull, gray sheen - the sign that none should dare harm such a thing. Few do.

System: The Wraith must be in contact with the Anchor, spend five Essence and two Willpower, and roll Strength + Presence + the Average of her Paths of Protection, Creation and Separation. Each success past the first provides a week of near-divine protection {one success provides a day}.

During the time that The Hand of God is in effect, any Wraith or living person who succeeds in harming the Anchor will have Lethal damage done unto her, measure for measure. And any Wraith who succeeds in reducing the levels of that Anchor will also have an equal amount of levels removed from her own Anchors, going from smallest to largest.

But while this Art is powerful, there is a heavy price to pay for invoking the divine. If anyone should happen to attack an Anchor that is protected by the Hand, and be damaged by the Hand, the Wraith who placed it upon the Anchor gets two Tainted Essence for their pains.