Crossover Arts


Lending of Grace

{Prerequisite Arts, *** Splendid Sculpture, *** Power Conversion }

This useful Crossover Art allows a Wraith to place an Art she or another Wraith knows into a shaped object, or Wraith. If the Shaper doesn't know the Art, the Wraith who does must be there, and contribute Essence towards the effort.

Following the implantation, the object must be charged with so much Essence to activate the Art. Once it's out of charges, it must be replenished, but this can be done by anyone willing to pay the Essence.

As for Wraiths who are implanted with Arts, they fuel it using their own Essence. However, the shaped part of their Corpus is highly unstable, and the Wraith risks a literal "burnout" every time she uses the Art.


The Hungry Hand

{Prerequisite Arts, *** Splendid Sculpture, *** Power Conversion, *** Fire's Hunger }

This Art not only lets a Wraith turn another's Corpus into Essence, or Essence into Corpus, with or without their permission, but allows the Wraith to do it without touching the other Wraith. All she has to do is have the target within line of sight, and not be interrupted, for the Art to go off. The Corpus can be shaped however the Wraith doing the Shaping would care to, and can be used to heal, bind or cripple the target.


Line of Power

{Prerequisite Arts, **** Separate Sculpture, **** Hearth's Heart}

This allows Wraiths to create Amphorae which can be drawn upon from afar. All the Wraith has to do is say or think a certain phrase, and she is instantly filled with Essence from that Soul Jar. {Alchemists can do the same thing with their Fire Batteries}


Prison of Body and Mind

{Prerequisite Arts, **** Separate Sculpture, **** Hearth's Heart, **** The Burning}

This rather cruel Art allows a Wraith to reach into another Wraith's body and perform an act that cuts off all control of her body, and perception of the outside world. This essentially traps the Wraith in her own Corpus: it becomes a prison of her own flesh, and one in which that Wraith remains perfectly conscious, but unaware of what's going on around her, and unable to do anything about it.

The state lasts until a Wraith who knows the Art chooses to reverse it, or until the Wraith's Corpus is destroyed, in which case she goes back to an Anchor to reform.

The Pardoners use this Art to make their Reservoirs, and have reported that the Damned they perform it upon are actually turned braindead by the ordeal. Meanwhile, the Freewraiths hold it over wayward debtors' heads as a final punishment for not paying what they owe.


Touch of Death

{Prerequisite Arts, ***** Supreme Sculpture, ***** Touch of Power}

Much as Usurers can reach into the Liveworld and give or take Essence from Mortals and Ghosts, this art allows them to take Corpus from them. A Ghost is stripped of Corpus on a one-for-one basis, while mortals are depleted of their Health.

A Mortal who is attacked by this Art seems to be shriveling up, turning into a human skeleton or flayed alive, depending on what effect the Wraith cares to go for. These wounds count as Aggravated.