Path of Transmutation

Don't let the archaic name fool you. There are no puffers in this tent, and no frauds to be found amongst us. We have witnessed the melting point between states, and seek to further refine it, both for our own gain and for yours.

We are not frauds. We get results.

And they are extraordinary.

Of all those who practice the Shaping Numen, the Alchemists are viewed with the most suspicion. They say it's because they could be changing their own Essence to Corpus on a one-for-one basis, and undercutting the local exchange rate.

But in reality, it's because the Freewraith Shapers and Usurers are in awe of what the Alchemists can do, and suspect - perhaps correctly - that they've gotten some very Dark help in the process. The Alchemists laugh this off as "nonsense," but then, they would.

The Pardoners, on the other hand, see this Path as one of the best weapons they have against the Darkness. And if they don't care to speculate about where it came from, and why it so resembles things they've seen the Reapers do... well, they do believe that to beat the enemy, you have to understand him. And that is, perhaps, more than enough said on that subject.


** Reversal of States

Every Wraith can turn her own Essence into Corpus to heal herself. This Art lets the Wraith do the reverse, and change their own Corpus into Essence. They can also turn Essence directly into Corpus, either to heal another, or create building material out of pure energy. They must touch the other Wraith to do this, and cannot use this Art to turn others' Corpus into Essence, or vice versa.


*** Fire's Hunger

Once the Wraith has reached this level of the Path, she does not need to touch Essence to absorb it. If it's in her line of sight, then she need only extend a hand to feed on ambient Essence, Essence trapped in Amophorae or Fire Batteries {see below}, or Essence from a Haunt.

She can also give Essence or Corpus to another Wraith, via * Give and Take, with this Art, though she has to use ** Reversal of States on top of it if she wants to change her Essence to Corpus, or vice versa, before it touches the recipient. This Art cannot be used to take Essence or Corpus from another Wraith, though.


**** The Burning

This Art forces Corpus towards the point where it becomes Essence, but freezes it one slight step before it gets there. The Corpus can then "burn" or glow at varying degrees of brightness, enough light to see by in absolute darkness if need by. This Art is often used to light up the Terms of the Concords, but must be used on Corpus that is separated from a Wraith.


***** Undying Fire

The Alchemists use this Art to "go one better" over their Usurer colleagues. They use this to store Essence into a shaped object, or another Wraith, creating what they refer to as a Fire Battery. Unlike the Amphorae created with the Path of Power, Fire Batteries can be both taken from and added to. However, they must be unlocked with a key word or thought before anyone can take from them.

This Art can also be weaponized. The Alchemist need only lock Essence into a suitable object, and then add just a little more Essence on top of it. Until this charge is extinguished, the object burns with literal fire, and does Aggravated damage to any it strikes. This is often applied to weapons, but Alchemists can also use it to make "fireballs" out of a handful of Corpus, and ignite them right when they're thrown.