Crossover Arts


{Prerequisite Arts,*** Small Need, *** The Action}

The basis for the Messengers' Code, and The Order's enforcement of the Injunction, this Art creates an aspiration for the target to adhere to - something that is both a desire and a command. The Geas must be in the form of short, positive instructions that the target can understand {"Always defend all human life" or "Always obey the Injunction"} Ever thereafter, the target wants to obey this instruction, and if she doesn't - or neglects her duty - she hears the instruction over and over again in her mind, reducing her dice pool at first, and then possibly causing a Derangement {or Tainted Essence, if she's a Wraith}

A Geas is usually permanent, but there's always a chance it could be thrown off. The target must essentially wrestle with her own mind, risking the possible Morality checks for doing so. If she can gain the upper hand, the geas becomes a mere whisper, like a quietly nagging conscience. If she loses, however, she may gain a Derangement {if alive} or take Tainted Essence.


Heart's Fond Longing

{Prerequisite Arts, *** Remember, *** Small Need}

This Art makes it seem as though a desire the Wraith has just implanted was something the target has always had, and always wanted to follow. It not only saves some confusion on the target, but makes it slightly easier for her to make Morality checks, should the desire go against it.


Always Eager

{Prerequisite Arts, *** Remember, *** The Action}

The Path of Command's answer to Heart's Fond Longing, this Art makes it seem as though a command the Wraith has just implanted was something the target has always wanted to do, and always been doing. As with its companion Art, this makes it much easier for the target to make Morality checks, should the command be contrary to her principles.


Soul Conversion

{Prerequisite Arts, ***** The Motive, ***** Replace, ***** Complete Obsession}

Through an extended combination of commands, and implanted/subtracted memories and desires, it is possible for a Wraith to permanently change either the Virtue or Vice of her Target. This is exceedingly hard and costly for the Wraith to undertake. And if it's not done perfectly, there is a good chance that the target will be driven insane by the conflicting contents of her own mind.