An Opposing View

Jesus on a crutch, I've never heard so much happy-crap "all get along" nonsense in my life or my death.

All the gods paying fealty to Charun, the demon back-breaker of the Etruscans? Charun putting down his big, bloody hammer to write up four commandments and tell us all to be good little ghouls and ghosties and things that go Boo in the night?
Gimmie a fucking break! Next thing you'll be telling us that Countess Bathory was Cinderella all along.

It not only goes against all common sense, but it goes against everything we know about Etruscan myth cycles. Charun was just a rather ugly bit of hired muscle, not the one running the show! And as for the Charontes, they were supposed to be his servants, not his enemies... you getting the picture yet?
No? Well, let's try this on for size: we've been lied to since before day one. Everything we've been told is a big old pile of shit. There is no Charun, there is no Paradise and there is nothing beyond the Barrier but the Damned. Maybe Hell, if you believe in it. And that might explain a lot, come to think of it...
The Injunction? Fuck that noise. It was made out of whole cloth by the Order to keep control over the population. They have the Ferrymen as their proxy agents and secret police, and everything the Ferrymen can do is some weird smoke and mirrors crap the Order keeps to itself for obvious reasons.
And it's worked, hasn't it? All the good little boys and girls who need a pat on the head from wire mommy and big, bad dad fall into a straight line, and they've duped most of the Believers into buying the party line, too. Even if they can't get the Zealots into the lock-step part of the program, the Ferrymen have got them so doped up on religion that they're not going to make too much trouble, are they? One contrary word from Ferryman Franco and they're all prostate, begging forgiveness from the proxies of the big bad Demon Emperor.
And considering the reality-warping nature of Storms, and all the time that's gone by, and how hard it is to last for more than a century without getting Damned or turning into a fucking pillar of dust and cobwebs, it's no wonder no one can testify to the truth anymore. There's no accurate records, no witnesses and no one left to say otherwise except maybe for some of the really old and Ossified folks all moldering down in the Order's sepulchers.
Which kind of explains why they're all there, under lock and key and not to be disturbed, doesn't it?
"Coraline" - Freewraith of London, Stand-up Philosopher and self-described "All Around Pain in the Arse."