The Day of Dominion

Emperor Charun bid the creation of the Concord
His Ferrymen were bid to rule - His Ferrymen ruled well
The new way of things rent this all asunder
But though Charun abdicated, the Arisen ruled in his stead
And so shall this Concord be maintained
The order shall be maintained - The Injunction shall be upheld
The Ferrymen shall now advise, but not rule
And those who fulfill their duties may follow them yet
The lot of the new world is hard upon you
The way is not easy - The world is not well
Your inner darkness conspires against you
The darkness below seeks to swallow you whole
But Vanth says these things shall not endure forever
She who sees all that is - She who sees all that comes
She says there will come a day when the new world will fail
And the old ways shall return once more to men
On that day of Dominion shall the Barrier fall
The Black River will return - The Black River will flow
Those who have Arisen may follow the Ferrymen
Those who have kept the Injunction will be in Paradise
This shall be the great Day of Dominion
Dread Charun shall return - Emperor Charun shall rule
The lie of the new world shall be swept aside
The lost souls shall be once more given a home
By these signs shall you know the approach of the day
By the light of the...