The Injunction

The new world had been made in haste and abandon
Not all souls were cared for - Not all souls were claimed
Emperor Charun was enraged by this new world
He swore that he would make these things aright
For a year and a day he sent his Ferrymen on journeys
He bid them go far - He bade them return
He charged them to learn all they could of this new world
He charged them to bring all this knowledge to him
For a year and a day he consulted his Shades
He spoke to priests - He spoke to old kings
He asked them what they could tell of good laws
He asked them what he should say from afar
For a year and a day he consulted with Vanth
She who sees all that is - She who sees all that comes
He asked her to tell of this new world's last hour
He asked her to tell of his return to dominion
In the year and the day he pondered The Concord
He decided its rites - He decided its laws
He decided what order to set upon the dead
So they might one day come to Paradise
For that year and that day he wrote down his Injunction
He kept this thing simple - He kept this thing plain
Emperor Charun wrote these words that were certain
Emperor Charun said these things in his name
Kill Not The Living
Save The Lost - Destroy The Damned
Wake Not The Sleepers
Await the Day of Dominion

Emperor Charun bade his Ferrymen leave
They should go to the surface - They should go to the dead
They should see to the creation of a new order
They should bring the Injunction to those up above
And so did the Ferrymen obey Dread Charun
They brought about order - They brought about law
They ruled this Concord in his name
Throughout the lands above there was peace
But the new world was unhappy to see this
Who were these usurpers? -Who were these dead kings?
The ground opened up and great Storms were unleashed
The Charontes were set loose once more upon men


So Charun acceded to the new world's demands
No more Ferrymen would rule - No more souls would be lost
If the dead chose to follow Charun's rule so be it
But there would be no more direct interference
So spoke the new world, but the damage was done
The arisen had seen - The arisen had learned
Those above cared not for them, but Emperor Charun did
So the lost souls made the Concord go on to this day