The Concord

The role of Gods and of men had been changed
What once was ceased to be - What was left was made low
The greatest of ideas had died and been reborn
The greatest of Storms was to rage by its side
The Storm raged for a season, and all was made waste
The asleep were spared - The Arisen were devoured
The Charontes frolicked in the cities of men
The Black River was carried away by the winds
The Underworld was attacked on all sides
The Charontes grew bold - The Charontes waxed fat
The Gods and the Shades stood side by side at the gates
The walls did not fall, nor buckle nor crack
At the end of the season the Storm came to an end
All that had been was gone - All that was left was ruin
The Underworld was buried by heaven and earth
The Black River no longer reached up to the light
Upon death there would be no more ferrying of souls
The new world had claimed them - The new world had won
The dead were no longer beholden to Charun
The world had been remade and him left outside
So Emperor Charun gathered his Ferrymen to him
Those who had not perished - Those who followed him still
He bade them return to the surface once more
And to tell him of what they discovered up there
The journey was more difficult than they had imagined
The Black River was stopped - The road was made hard
But they soon learned the way to go through the barrier
One day they were able to fulfill his command
They told their Emperor of the new world above them
They spoke of its changes - They spoke of its ways
They told Dread Charun of the new way of things
The told him of how the dead went somewhere new
But the dead were not always taken away
As before some were sleeping - As before some arose
And those who arose were now left behind
The new world had not thought of what to do with them
These lost souls were now trapped and had no resolution
The old world was blocked - The new world was shut
The Ferrymen said not a one could come hither
Their unfinished business lay too heavy upon them
Emperor Charun was angered by this
He asked of their succor - He asked of their welfare
They said these dead were lost to the Charontes' tortures
They said there would be no rest for these pitiful ones
These were the words that the Ferrymen spoke
Dread Charun he raged - Wise Charun he pondered
He consulted with Vanth, whose eyes were now clear
And she told him that this was his mandate made plain
So did Emperor Charun declare this new age the Concord
The old world had fallen - The new world was broken
He would see to it these dead were all cared for
He would move heaven and earth for these souls