The Sundering

For long ages did things occur as they had
The living became dead - the asleep became arisen
Those who arose were ferried to the Underworld
Those judged worthy would enter Paradise there
These things occurred as they were bade to occur
Dread Charun was the judge - Wise Charun was the leader
The Underworld swelled with the dead of the world
Paradise grew to house every soul
The Gods came before Charun, kneeling to him
They appeased his wrath - They lauded his wisdom
They spoke of a strangeness in the world above
They spoke of times changing, and a new order to come
The Gods pleaded with Charun to stop this evil star
Dread Charun he raged - Wise Charun he considered
He promised them his hammer would be at their side
He promised them he would see this thing through
So did Dread Charun seek the wisdom of Vanth
She who sees all that is - She who sees all that comes
But she could not see what was yet to come
A great hand blocked her vision, striking her down
So did Emperor Charun seek the wisdom of Shades
All those in his gardens - All the wisemen and kings
But they had no idea of what this could be
They thought only of Paradise, and had forgotten the world
So did Emperor Charun gather his Ferrymen
Those who brought him the dead - Those who plied the Black River
He bade them to go into the world above
He bade them to discover the face of this change


And when it was over, the sky shook and bled
The blood was like ashes - The blood was like fire
The world as it had been known was torn asunder
A new world was created with the death of this man
So did the understanding come to die
What was once the way - What was no longer so
The death of one great idea was the birth of another
With the death and the birth a new Storm was let loose