In Ancient Times

In the beginning was the Word
The Word was Light - the Light was Life
The Gods found them Good and Gold
Nothing Good or Gold Can Stay
In ancient times we trod our paths
Our lives were hard - our lives were short
Heroes were born and lived great lives
Even great heroes must someday die
In death we all became one race
All rivalries gone - all strife set aside
We were set within our caves of stone
We were given our likeness for the new world to come
In our own ignorance many would dwell
Some stayed asleep - some would arise
Those who came to their senses were welcomed
Heralds of the Gods urged us to go on
We walked to the Black River, one and all
Kings with their peasants - friends with their foes
The Ferrymen came to take us away
In their reed boats we were ferried to a far shore
The Ferrymen took us away from our world
As we were taken from life - we were taken from light
The Black River went down deep into the earth
Not all the passengers survived the long journey
The river stretched on, black league upon league
The way was hard - the way was unsure
At the end of this journey was the Underworld's City
At long last we beheld the city's front gates
The gates were strong, and hid the City behind them
Divine Aita stood by one side - Great Persepini stood by the other
Each one of us had to walk between these two Gods
Not all those who tried were allowed to pass on
After these ordeals we had one last remaining
This was the most terrible - this was the most wonderful
Each one of us had to kneel before Dread Charun
Not all those who did were allowed to rise
Dread Emperor Charun to whom was given the dead
Wise Charun who led us - Dread Charun who judged us
All the Gods knelt before him and spoke of their deeds
As the Gods did, so did we, and then we were judged.
On his black throne Emperor Charun listened to all
They spoke of their lives - they spoke of their deaths
They told of their deeds and begged to be his subjects
Some he spared, the others he destroyed
Those who yet remained were bade to stand
Dread Charun had judged them - Wise Charun had judged them
Those who yet remained were deemed fit to serve
Paradise awaited them beyond the black throne
There in the Underworld a garden stretched out
It was the size of the city - it was hidden by its walls
All there who dwelled did so with glad hearts
All dwelled there forever, as Emperor Charun's subjects
So did these things happen for ages untold
So it was in the beginning - So it was assumed to be for all time
But sometimes what is meant to be is not what the Gods would wish
Sometimes what is to be is not made plain until it occurs