What? You think you have rights, here? You think this is unfair?

Welcome to death, lady. We don't have time for rights or fairness, and you don't have time to waste talking about them, either.

Like it or not, you're in a war zone, now. There's just me and mine standing between you and Damnation.

So you don't have to like us, but you will do what you're told. Now.

(illus. by Lost Soul)

It's not too trite to say that Wraiths tend to have a love-hate relationship with the Pardoners, who are the undisputed masters of the Castigation Numen. Everyone with any sense - or an understanding of being Lost or Damned - is grateful for the martial Concord's interventions. But the way the stern warriors of the soul about their business leaves a lot to be desired: "if only they weren't so... harsh?" seems to be a common refrain amongst their charges.

The Pardoners, however, do not care what their charges think. Their views are unimportant when compared to the horror of being Lost, or Damned, and their concerns are meaningless in the face of the big picture. And if ordinary Wraiths cannot see that picture from where they are, they have the Pardoners to thank for that - if they're lucky, their charges will never see have to see the world through the Pardoners' eyes.

For to defeat the enemy, one must understand it. And to properly understand the enemy - within and without - Pardoners must make a terrible bargain with it, through their Shadows. They have willingly sacrificed a part of their souls to the Darkness in order to better fight what lies beyond the Barrier, and hold no illusions that the war can ever be won.

But as the consequences of surrender are simply unthinkable, they soldier on...

Believers: Well-intentioned, but misled and ignorant
Freewraiths: Not so 'free' that they won't submit
Haunters: Damned in training - shoot on sight
Messengers: Well-intentioned, but dangerously misguided
The Order: Misled and hypocritical, but tend to know their place
Solitaires: Save them if you can - shoot them if you must



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