Why do you scream, so? In another time, you would have gladly given me your loved ones to ask for this blessing.

But see? I give it to you freely, because I must, and because you so cleary need it.

Your loved ones would have understood, little ghost. Even now, with their mouths stilled by death, they silently rejoice in the favor you will now receive.

Here it comes...

(illus. by Lost Soul)

The Haunters are often seen as the enemy: murderers and monsters - possibly even traitors. Their stated goals are so contrary to what that the other, major Concords stand for that outsiders wonder if they are being deliberately provocative, and their activities are so dangerous to the soul that it's wondered if they're trying to commit suicide..

But never, ever openly. The fear the Concord leaves in its wake is a hideous, palpable thing that very few care to challenge. And as they tend to keep to themselves, in those parts of the city unfortunate enough to have been claimed by them, all but the most foolhardy souls are happy to leave well enough alone.

And so the Haunters are left to their cursed enclaves - all alone with the mortals unlucky enough to live there, with them.

That's just how they like it.

Believers: Victims of a lie too large to destroy
Freewraiths: Honest in their dealings, and their fear
Messengers: They have their place, and we ours
The Order: Victims of the Liar, Himself
Pardoners: Mad dogs who must be put down
Solitaires: Some are called, few are chosen



Titles and Duties