Do not give into the nightmare of disbelief, my friend. Do not give into fear, or loneliness, or anger.

God has not punished you, nor abandoned you. You are simply being tested, as are we all.

Come with me, and with God's help we will aid you in passing this test...

(illus. by Lost Soul)

Both the Deadlands, and the state of being that is presented to the dead that dwell there, do not match what was promised - or threatened - by any mortal religion or belief system. The closest anyone can come to it is the Catholic concept of Purgatory, and even then it's more of an analogy than an exact match. There is just no accounting for this horror of an existence, and no certain way out of it, either.

The Order claims that this is the way it's been since the Sundering, and that all Wraiths should accept it, and join them in their ways. The stark lack of any other, higher form of validation - along with the Order's impressive sense of organization - leads some to turn to this way of thinking. Others fall into despair or atheism, while still others are turned to darker, more sinister alternatives.

However, there are also those who see this incongruous situation is seen as a test of faith, or cause to regain it. Those Wraiths who hew to the rock of faith - however seemingly denied in this place - often fall in with the Believers: Wraiths who seek to leave the Deadlands, and enter Paradise, by Transcending beyond it all.

Freewraiths: Too angry, and too tied down
Haunters: Little better than the Damned
Messengers: Good-intentioned, but too tied down
The Order: Admirable in their dealings, but wrong
Pardoners: Overbearing and militant madmen
Solitaires: Lost sheep in need of salvation



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