In the end you will submit
It's got to hurt a little bit

Perfect Kiss
- New Order

Thorns are the powers that the Shadow can use against the Wraith, mostly to get her to see things the Shadow's way. These can be used in carrot-and-stick fashion, but more often they're used to trick the Wraith, alienate her from others, or get her to do things the Shadow wants her to do. Even a clumsy application of these powers can soon have the Wraith eating out of the Shadow's hand, but the truly masterful use of Thorns is a scary thing indeed.

That said, it is possible for the Wraith to reap some benefit from its darker half's bag of tricks. While in Shadowstate, the Shadow can allow the Wraith to use some of its powers against others. These Shared Powers are usually the same trick that the Thorn would do against the Shadow, but not always.

Using Thorns


List of Thorns