The Rager


You're all gonna pay for this! Everyone!

The Vice of Wrath sees a person possessed by the urge to take her frustrations out on everyone, and everything, that looks at her funny. Folks ruled by this Vice smack their televisions when the signal goes bad, and smack other people when they get uppity with them. Where this differs from the Rager is that, rather than waiting for something to go wrong, this Shadow has so much pent-up wrath that it wants to take it out on those nearby with little or no provocation. And once it gets going, it won't stop until the rage is gone, which may be several broken bodies later...

These Shadows are the sort of thing they write "X-rage" articles about: road rage, air rage, sports rage... you name it, they're a cause of it. That's because Ragers want their Wraiths to take their pain, anger and hurt out on others. One little thing goes wrong and everyone nearby may pay the price for this transgression. And even if nothing went wrong just then, there's always an excuse: someone "looking at me funny" is enough to get a fist flying into their face.

Worse still is the Rager who has a legitimate gripe. The act of revenge will not only claim the person who did the deed, but anyone and everyone connect to them: friends, family and people who were just nearby at the wrong moment will suffer for this Wraith's pain. It's a frightening thing to see a Shadow like this at work, and a constant job to keep it under control - provided the Wraith cares to.
Ragers look, and act, angry: their eyes burn with impending violence, and their movements are shaky and over-exaggerated, as though they might lose their shit and start swinging at any second. They are also very poor judges of others' character, since all they can see is hate. Those who have this symptom suffer a -2 to all Empathy rolls, and a -2 on all social rolls, except in dealing with those who are ready to break some heads, themselves {as long as it isn't the Rager's Wraith they're after}

Heart's Thorn: All Will Suffer
The Shadow is all about dealing pain and suffering to those who cause it unto the Wraith, no matter how slightly. It will hand over dice to see this done, so long as the Wraith's reaction is massively past the bounds of legitimate response. The Shadow won't hear any pussy-eating bullshit about 'backing off' or 'taking a breather,' either - one whimper of regret, remorse or concern and the gravy train stops cold.

The shared power is the ability to stir up an angry mob. Any who join the Wraith in her frenzy of destruction can gain extra dice to perform any act that furthers that destruction during the Scene. The amount of dice given to the Wraith's comrades in hate is determined by rolling Presence + Angst, with each success giving each accompanying person a die that may be used on any one roll.

The players of the other Wraiths {or the ST, as the case may be} can determine for themselves when these dice are used, but once used, they're gone. Note that, unlike the tainted dice handed over to the Wraith by the Shadow, no Tainted Essence is gained for a score of '10.'