The Lump


I just wanna sleep... just let me sleep... *snore*

Those who are slothful tend to be lazy, and want others to do everything for them, allowing them to skate through life - or death - with minimal effort. The Lump goes beyond this by asking why the Wraith should do anything at all. If this Shadow had its way, the Wraith would just lie there and let it all happen around her.

This Shadow doesn't believe that anything could be more important that sleeping - or trying to, at any rate - and wonders why the Wraith even bothers to get up and out of her digs in the morning. What's the point? Death is an exercise in futility that can be handed by other people. What could be more important than doing nothing at all?
Wraiths who bear the symptoms of the Lump seem... well, sleepwalking for want of a better word, and maybe they are. Their eyes are barely open, and they move as though their next action is going to be to collapse onto the nearest flat surface, stretch out and catch a nap. They suffer a -2 to all rolls to react to changing situations, which includes Initiative in the case of combat.

Heart's Thorn: *Yawn*
The Shadow doesn't want the Wraith to do anything, but recognizes that things need to be done. So it will fork over dice to help the Wraith influence other people to do things for her, or else do what needs doing without her. This "influence" could be a social roll of some kind, or a Numina of one stripe or another. Under no circumstances will the Shadow give the Wraith aid to actually do anything physically, though - not even to save time later.

Their shared power is the ability to make others fall into a stumbling stupor, as though they had Lumps for Shadows, themselves. The player rolls Presence + Angst, and each success takes a die away from the pools of other Wraiths to do anything against, to, or around the Wraith. Those who are completely gobsmacked by this shared power tend to drop everything, curl up into a comfortable ball and have a "cat nap" on the floor.