The Primadonna


If I don't lead, there is no dance. Period.

Pride leads a person to believe that she's right by dint of being herself, and everyone else is either with her - and thereby right - or against her, and wrong. The Primadonna believes this, also, and takes it a step further by firmly believing that the world does revolve around her.

The Shadow wants the Wraith to feel as though she's the life of the party, and the cornerstone of the society. Nothing should happen without her say-so, and no one should make a move without her approval. The Shadow has declared itself king of all it surveys, and wants the Wraith to step up to the throne, where she obviously belongs. And the Shadow will be happy to advise from right behind the throne...
Primadonnas carryt themselves regally and proudly, so much so that they seem to have their nose stuck clear in the air and walk an inch above the ground. It's more in the motions that anything else, but it shows, and the sickening sense of self-importance puts them at -2 in all social rolls, all the time: no one likes a snob, and that goes double when she thinks she's in charge, too.

Heart's Thorn: It's My Party
The Shadow is happy to fork over dice for anything that a Wraith might need to make herself the center of the circle and life of the city. Whether this is for fighting or for fun, social or physical - or even mental, as the case may be - the Shadow can be counted on to help out. However, the Wraith must never listen to others, or take advice from anyone, because she is always right and needs no such aid from anyone.

The shared power gives the Wraith the ability to make others fawn over her, and hang on her every word. Each success on Presence/Manipulation + Angst takes away a die from their rolls to see her for the cad she is, and those who are really besotted by her will just follow her around for ages, like a wagon train of yes-wraiths. Sad, really.