The Violator


I'm not taking "no" for an answer, tonight.

Lust is an overwhelming craving for something - or someone - that cannot be sated except by having it, again and again. Lust can sometimes end in violation, as some will not be stopped in their quest to have what they crave. For the Violator, however, violence, manipulation and force are the tools of first resort, rather than last.

Such Shadows know what they both want, and want the Wraith to go get it - now. There is nothing to be gained by delaying the inevitable, especially when every minute spent waiting could be a minute spent enjoying what they came for. Worse, it tends to egg the Wraith on to even lower depths of behavior, and tells her that they really wanted it like that, anyway.
Violators appear to be overbearing and pushy, and tend to be very single-minded about their particular desire. This might make them look like a lech or a junkie, and their leering and naked desiring puts them at -2 in all social rolls, except for those who are seeking the same thing, or happen to like that kind of approach.

Heart's Thorn: Submit
The Shadow will give over dice to ensure that they all get what they want, no matter what it is, as long as the Wraith makes no attempt to be subtle about it. Doors should be kicked down, dealers beaten senseless and would-be "lovers" given no chance to escape.

The shared power is the ability to take another's will to resist away. Each success on a Presence/Manipulation + Angst roll takes one effective die out of the Willpower pool of the person the Wraith's fixated upon {either for herself, or what she has to offer}. The effects of the power are cumulative, and once the person is down to zero effective Willpower, she will let the Wraith have what she wants, and spend the rest of the Scene largely yielding to the Wraith's desires.

* Ulp... *

It goes without saying that this sort of Shadow's urgings might lead to some RP situations that are outright distasteful for most players. A Violator with taste for heroin is one thing, but the Violator who desires someone's Anchor, or another Wraith - especially another player's Wraith - may lead to a bad time had by all. Especially if the Heart's Thorn is employed.

On the the other hand, it may serve as a springboard for some very good and interesting stories. And maybe your Troupe doesn't mind these kinds of things? If so, who are we to tell you not to explore this facet of the game?

The best advice is to Know Your Players, and their limits. If forced sex {however removed} and its emotional and physical consequences are things that you and your players would rather not play around with, then don't allow a player to take this kind of Shadow - period. Either that or get her to channel the Shadow's lusts into a different, or unusual, direction.