The Hoarder


I want it all, I want it now, I want it forever

The Hoarder is akin to the Jealous Shadow, but is - arguably - much worse. The Jealous suffer from envy, and steal what things they desire without restraint. However, an envious Shadow can be choosy in its desires, and pick its thefts. A Hoarder simply wants everything, even if it really doesn't need what it's taken, just to have it all.

Such a Shadow is always driving its Wraith on to take more, so as to add it to her holdings, and get bigger rooms for the holdings once the collection gets too large for them. And the Wraith must not let any of it go once it's there: if she needs to get something, she shouldn't deign to pay for it with her hard-stolen things - she should just steal it, swindle it away, or otherwise claim it as her own. And, as with the Jealous, the Wraith shouldn't take many steps to hide the theft.
Hoarders' symptoms are not physical, but spiritual: they literally exude an air of avarice and covetousness. Those who deal with them get the distinct feeling that they're after everything they have, and they would be right. This causes a -2 on all social rolls with everyone - even their fellow Hoarders, as they know their own sins far too well...

Heart's Thorn: Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
The Shadow wants the Wraith to take everything she sees: lock, stock and barrel. Dice will be handed over to aid in such wholescale pilfering, so long as no massive precautions are taken - other than sneaking about - and the Wraith leaves not so much as a flinder lying in the room when she's done. Saying "oh, that's too much" or "But I don't want that" is the surest way to get the Shadow to withhold its aid.

The shared power allows the Wraith to make others aid her in this demented goal through their "cooperation." The player rolls Presence/Manipulation + Angst {whichever is more appropriate} and each success takes away a success on another's roll to stop the Wraith from doing what she's doing. Those who've been completely neutered by the Wraith's gleeful smile and nimble fingers often stand with their hands in the air, and remain where they are for the rest of the Scene.