The Jealous


I'll take that right fucking now, thank you...

Those who are riddled with Envy are never satisfied with what they have, and are more than willing to covet - and steal - their neighbor's things, positions and lovers. However, most who suffer from this Vice are careful enough to not get connected to the theft, or else find some perfectly legal {or socially acceptable} way to take what they want. The Jealous Shadow is unwilling to be subtle or sneaky about the matter: it sees something, and if it wants it, it takes it - end of story.

A Wraith with such a Shadow is always being tempted to do away with byzantine intrigues or complicated plots and plans, and just reach out and take what she wants. "Wealth is the only reality," whispers the Shadow: "Theft the only true currency, and those who cannot hold onto what they want to not deserve to have it... not like us."
The Jealous pretty much look it: shifty, desirous eyes and all. Their hands always seem one brisk movement away from being in your pocket, or around your lover, and they seem to pay too much attention to where you put your valuables. They are at -2 on all social rolls against those who have something they want, as the fact that they're spending more time looking at the pretty than the people they're talking to is clearly evident.

Heart's Thorn: All for Me
As would be expected, the Shadow makes dice available to the Wraith in the course of just stealing, taking or seducing what - or who - she wants. Plots, plans and intrigues are not acceptable uses of these dice: the Wraith must make little or no room for not being discovered in the theft {though sneaking around might be a good idea, so as to get the bauble without being stopped}.

The shared power, then, is the ability to cloud the desires of another to the point where the Wraith can talk her out of what she most wants, and get her to hand it over to the Wraith. Each success on an Angst + Appropriate Attribute {Strength, Wits, Presence, etc.} roll takes one effective die out of the Willpower pool of the person being spoken to in this manner. The effects of the power are cumulative, and once the person is down to zero effective Willpower, she will hand the thing right over without a qualm, and spend the rest of the Scene sitting in a stupor, uncaring of her loss.