The Restrainer


New and different is bad, BAD, BAD.

The Temperate believe that all pleasures have their place in the greater scheme of things, and that moderation is the key to good and responsible behavior. The Shadow who Restrains its Wraith would agree with this, but is also rather narrow-minded when it comes to things that it can't vouch for yet.

As such, the Restrainer is something akin to the Cowardly Shadow, except that where the Coward doesn't want to take any risks, the Restrainer doesn't want to risk anything new, or outside its experience. Things it can already vouch for are fine, if done with moderation, but the shock of the new is too much for the Restrainer to handle. Who knows what dangers this or that might bring, and how much they may upset the balance?

The Restrainer doesn't want the Wraith to go out on any limbs while in persuit of her goals, and admonishes her to stick by what she already knows. It will offer lots of suggestions on how to go about doing what needs done by using what they already have, or know, and don't want the Wraith to learn anything new. Who knows what that might lead to?
The Restrained look as though they are shocked - shocked! - to discover that things have changed from when they were kids, or alive, or last in town. They have the appearance of having sucked on one too many sour pickles, and turn off those who are willing to live a little. This puts them at -2 on all rolls involving their suggesting a plan or action, and gives them a -2 modifier on all rolls to understand someone else's plan if new ideas are on the table.

Heart's Thorn: Stay the Course
The Restrainer will offer dice to the Wraith only if she sticks by tried and true methods of doing something, which is most often what the Shadow suggests. That the suggestions might be less than helpful in the long run goes without saying - the Restrainer is a Shadow, after all. And the moment the Wraith says "well, now that I think of it, maybe we should do something different," the dice stop coming.

The shared power extends the Shadow's distaste for new and changing circumstances to other Wraiths. Those who are fully affected by this look like they've blown a mental fuse, and are unable to do more than stammer as things happen around them.

The player rolls Resolve + Angst. Each success either takes away a success on another's roll to adapt to something the Wraith is doing {such as a debate, or put up a fight when the Wraith steals something from her} for the rest of the Scene, or else reduces the Initiative score of the Wraith's opponents, on a one for one basis, for one turn of combat.