The Coward


Don't do anything, just yet! Let's wait a while... yeah...

Prudence is the understanding that restraint may not provide the same huge "rewards" as risky, unethical behavior does, but it provides better ones, for the conscience is clear and the way unfettered. Cowardly Shadows take this notion to an unhealthy extreme by second, third and fourth-guessing each and every situation they get into just to make sure they're doing "the right thing."

Such Shadows tend to sprout from some long ago moment of indiscretion, or the crippling fear of having one. They are paralyzed by the spectre of making a mistake, and over-analyze all angles to any given problem. By the time they're absolutely, positively 100% sure that it's the right thing to do, then the opportunity - and the moment of truth - is often long past, and they will have done nothing at all.

{Of course, they are sometimes quite right to suspect it's a trap... but no one likes the person who always cries "wolf!"}

The cowardly are nervous bundles of sweat and shaky, sideways glances. They often look like they're on the verge of hysterics, since anything could go wrong at any moment, and we'll all be doomed. All proactive sorts find them to be annoying wet blankets, and they are at a -2 to try and explain their concerns to others, as it comes across as so much defeatism and paranoia.

Heart's Thorn: Doublecheck It All!
Prudence is the watchword of the Cowardly, and it will offer its Wraith dice for any roll that involves taking extreme stock of the situation at hand. These can be used for research, investigation, perceiving the immediate area, checking up on people, or anything of the sort. The Shadow won't be happy until the Wraith is as freaked out about the possibility of *gulp!* doing something as the Shadow is, though, and if the Wraith's researches are starting to make it sound like the idea might be a good one after all, the Shadow immediately freaks out and refuses to hand over any more dice.

The shared power makes other Wraiths feel some of the paranoia and hypersensitivity of the Shadow. The player rolls Manipulation + Angst, and each success takes away a die from another's pool to examine the situation, or make a decision as to what to do next. Those who freak out from the full effect of this power tend to collapse into a corner, shaking and quaking at the fear of making the wrong move, just now. This lasts for the rest of the Scene.