The Vigilante


Nothing gets in the way of what's right. Nothing.

Those who hew to the Virtue of Justice believe that what is right must triumph over what is wrong, even if seeing it through causes great risk to the one who pursues that justice. The Vigilante believes in much the same thing, only this Shadow believes that all other notions of right and wrong - and the lives of others - are not as important as seeing that one wrong put right. The weight of the world rests on that one sin, however long ago, and the Shadow will see all things burn if need be.

Such Shadows always tell their Wraiths that laws and rules are for other people, and not her. She's on a mission, and anyone and anything that gets in the way is expendible, or forfeit. But each step taken towards the Shadow's desired MO puts the Wraith on a slippery slope, indeed: next stop, oblivion, preferably with the target going down for the ride, too...
Vigilantes look like machines made out of meat and bone. All traces of emotion are gone from their faces, long since burned away by the horrible deeds they've committed, and the need to get harder than before just to keep going. Those who exhibit these symptoms are at -2 on all rolls involving Empathy, and they are at -2 on all rolls to influence others with a Morality above 6.

Heart's Thorn: Righteous Anger
The Vigilante does not want to hear the words "caution," "compassion" or "mercy" - they are anathema in relation to what drives this Shadow. It will gladly hand over dice to the Wraith so long as she acts without any of these three words getting in the way. The more she overreacts to the situation, and the more permanent the damage she stands to do, the happier the Shadow is.

The shared power extends the Shadow's benefit to those who join the Vigilante's Wraith in her quest for rough justice, so long as they, too, are overreacting. Those accompanying the Wraith gain a certain amount of dice, which is determined by rolling Presence + Angst. Each success gives each follower either: an addition to their Defense rolls for the rest of the Combat; an addition to their Attack rolls for the rest of the combat; or dice to perform a single extreme action, done in the name of "the cause."

Note that, unlike the tainted dice handed over to the Wraith by the Shadow, no Tainted Essence is gained for a score of '10' on these extra dice.