The Deluded


Someday my prince will come...

Hope is much like Fortitude, except that those who hope must inspire others not to give up. In that sense, the Deluded Shadow is a little like the Complicated one, except that where the Complicated are called to extreme action to see things done, the Deluded believe that everything will turn out okay, so they don't have to do a damn thing.

To be Deluded is to believe that not only is the entire world good and moral, but that its agents of good are everywhere, and will leap to the Wraith's rescue when things get tough. Such Shadows are always telling their Wraiths to just let things take place on their own, and not worry about it. Prince Charming and the Warrior Princess will charge over the hill on white steeds at the last moment, every time - why break a sweat in worry or effort? And they encourage the Wraith to get others to understand this as well.
The symptom of the Deluded is the look of delusion, itself. Such Wraiths seem eternally starry-eyed and helpless, bumbling around on a wing and a prayer. Such Wraiths suffer a -2 on all rolls to perceive their environment, or dangers lurking there, because they are so caught up in the delusion that others must help them that they don't care to notice much at all.

Heart's Thorn: Good Things Come
The Shadow wants the Wraith to look after herself while others handle the problems, and offers extra dice so she can stand her ground - or hide, if need be - while waiting for the calvary.

These dice are handed over only on the understanding that the Wraith must do nothing to actively improve the current situation: evasion and hiding are amongst the activities the Shadow will support, while fighting back is not. The Wraith also gets extra dice to give an impassioned speech encouraging others to wait for aid, keep the faith or remain hopeful that they will be delivered from these trials.

The shared power of the Deluded is to project a feeling of victorious euphoria upon others. Those so affected feel that they feel they've already "won," by dint of being who and where they are now, and aren't in much shape to do anything more. Each success on a Manipulation + Angst roll takes away either one level of Defense or one die from any pool to locate, fight or deal with the Wraith in an active manner. This lasts for a Scene, and those who take the full force of the delusion tend to spend the time celebrating their "victory" instead of doing what they can to secure it.