The Zealot


You will see my way, dammit!

Those who are possessed of faith may believe many things, but perhaps none of their convictions are as amazing as the understanding that all things have their place in the world. No matter how wonderful or terrible, each event has meaning, and a place in the plan of God {or the universe}.
But those who are zealots go a step further - and a step too far - by "knowing" full well what the plan is, and seeking to see it done perfectly, and by their hand. No matter what the Truth is, there can only be one perfect version of that Truth, one path to it, and one way for it to be expressed. And there can be no questioning it, either: the Truth is the Truth, and all else is heresy, apostasy, unpatriotic, politically incorrect or flat-out evil.
The zealot Shadow is unafraid to define it in those terms, and desires only to see the Truth set on high over the broken backs of the wrong and misguided. As such, those who manifest the look of the Zealot exhibit eyes that are either wild with fiery, violent passion or frozen with cold, cruel certainty. The iron sense of their conviction makes others extremely uncomfortable around them, and puts them at -2 on all social rolls, except amongst those who share the cause - whatever it may be - or are temporarily allied to it, and in dire need of certainty.

Heart's Thorn: The Only True Course
Just as the Zealot lives to uphold the Truth against those who would defy or question it, so does the Shadow aid the Wraith who does the upholding, and does not question it herself. Extra dice is granted in the course of illustrating, preserving or expounding upon that Truth, so long as the Wraith does not question the Shadow's interpretation of it {and, more importantly, how to go about acting on its behalf}
The shared power extends the Shadow's benefit to fellow crusaders for the Truth. Any who join the Wraith in her actions to uphold the Truth can gain extra dice to perform any act that furthers that goal during the Scene. The amount of dice given to the Wraith's followers is determined by rolling Presence + Angst, with each success giving each follower a die that may be used on any one roll.

The players of the followers {or the ST, as the case may be} can determine for themselves when these dice are used, but once used, they're gone. Note that, unlike the tainted dice handed over to the Wraith by the Shadow, no Tainted Essence is gained for a score of '10.'