Ghost Story - Silent Partner


Mike Spera

Part 2

My god, Dominic actually wants to do it.

He's been chatting with some Puppeteer buddies of his, along with the folks from the Path of the United Being, and they're convincing him that rising from the dead is the only real way to get his Skinlands business finished once and for all.

After talking with a few other personalities while Dominic was resting, I've found out a couple of interesting things.

For one, these spooks are not lying or bullshitting Dominic in any way; they're 100% serious when they say they can plant a soul back in his old body again.

Two, after the souls leave the Purgatory realm and go back to the real world, they don't come back. Whether they Transcend and move on to Heaven or get killed or sucked down into the Hell realm, nobody knows.

And three, Dominic won't be strong enough to do it by himself - he needs me to go with him.

I've tried to be logical with poor Dominic; if Rosemary doesn't like the little tricks he's been doing to try to haunt his way back into her life now, she's especially not going to like it when he shows up on her doorstep, three years dead, just to have a chat with her later.

Let me see if I can talk to some sense into him. Eventually I can wear him down over the course of a few days to a week or so if I really try...


* * *


...Well, he still wants to do it, and he knows I don't want him to, but I've found out some more info and I think I might be able to use this to my advantage.

He's so wide-eyed in love with this idea that he's not really paying attention to the warnings that they've been giving him... but I have.

From what they've told him, once Dominic accepts my help to get him back into the Skinlands, I get a good deal of more leeway than I usually do. If Dominic doesn't listen to them now (and I know he isn't), then he's got no choice but to listen to me once we're on the other side.

So not only does he actually need me to be there with him, and I can easily step if he starts to slip and take care of things myself while he's recuperating.

Between the two of us, we can definitely cut off these worldly ties of his once and for all so that we can both move on. So long as he doesn't do anything outrageously stupid (and I'll have a better chance to step in and prevent it if he does), then we'll get everything wrapped up in under a week and we'll never have to see Purgatory or the Hell realm again.

Now that I think of it, I'm starting to like this idea...